Sunday, July 24, 2011

On the L.O.W.F.I. Site: "Hum a Few Bars for Me" by David Andrew: Beeping Sounds

Hum a Few Bars for Me by David Andrew.

At the L.O.W.F.I. site, this guest article by David Andrew on the buzzing and humming sounds often heard by some abductees. I don't consider myself an abductee, as I often point out, for two reasons. One, I have no idea what the abduction phenomena is about and two, I don't have any specific conscious memories of the classic abduction scenario, even though I have had a lot of very strange experiences. As Jeremy Vaeni said to me once I've gone through "Abduction 101." (Missing time, strange dreams, obsessions, synchronicities, life time of UFO sightings, aliens...) Yet, I have heard these strange buzzings, clickings, hummings and electronic type sounds in my head many times during OOBEs and related experiences.

Andrew cites research done in this area of sound and brain wave patterns and writes:
Some abductees have reported humming or buzzing sounds just before certain abduction experiences. This made me wonder if these sounds might actually have a purpose that could be related to the abductee’s brain wave function. Could extraterrestrials be utilizing sound to affect abductee’s brain waves and, what would be the purpose in doing so? It seems quite evident that sound waves can affect brain waves.
 Andrew goes on to cite experiments done by the Department of Defense using sound to alter brain waves. While Andrew doesn't come out and say it -- and I don't know if this is his intent or not -- I wonder if he wasn't getting at MILABs. (Military Abductions.)

Either way, this pattern of hearing buzzing, beeping, humming sounds during sleep, OOBEs, abductions, etc. is something that is reported by some UFO witnesses, including myself.

These sounds are not heard by just abductees however. In some Bigfoot encounters and other high strangeness events witnesses report hearing these sounds. See Greg Taylor's Her Sweet Murmur, and my  Beeping article for UFO Digest.

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