Friday, December 17, 2010

Women in Ufology - A Resource Site

Regan already mentioned this in October, but I wanted to write up a bit more about it:

Women in Ufology:
The Women featured on this site bring both intellectual and practical skills. They are available as conference speakers, as media guests, as artists, designers and filmmakers, to serve on boards of UFO organizations, as case investigators, consultants, regression therapists, writers, and in a variety of other capacities.

The purpose of Women in Ufology is to inform those members of the UFO community who may not be aware of the many accomplished Women working in ufology today. Conference promoters, media hosts, leaders in the UFO community—this site will help YOU! We believe you will be amazed at the wealth of talent and experience you will find among the Women described here.

Women in Ufology is still in it's fledgling state, so keep checking over the next few weeks as the site fills out and more women added to the resource list.

If you are interested in being listed on this site, shoot and email to:

~Deirdre O'Lavery

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