Monday, December 6, 2010

Sex of The Fourth Kind: Alien-Human Sex Studies: | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

From Paul Schroeder for UFO Digest, the following article on sex and aliens:Sex of The Fourth Kind: Alien-Human Sex Studies:
Part of the understanding of the interaction between alien and humans on Earth is not just in understanding alien tactics and underlying alien motives.
It is of a sexual nature.
The astounding answer in part begins with the realization that we are, by nature, beyond our awareness and general understanding, inter dimensional beings.
We contain and exude both a physical energy and a spiritual energy.
As some of our psychic "energy" extends into other dimensions, these energies can be seen and regularly utilized by dark entities.
Reptilian/grey aliens the pilots of UFOs, demons, and other dark astral wildlife, frequent this dark dimension.

Sex of The Fourth Kind: Alien-Human Sex Studies: | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Idea is, entities/aliens=demons, who are feeding off us sexually... really a not unfamiliar theme in esoterica, and lore has a wealth of stories of succibi and incubus. Are those really aliens, or descriptions of energies religious people call "demons" (non-ET, but non-human entities just the same).

And in a somewhat related post: my entry on UFO Mary about "demonic possession" via sexual activity, as well as the general insanity of Henry Makow's website.


Jeanine said...

Pretty one sided and one dimensional understanding of the spectrum of non humans. To assume all of these Greys and others are "all demons" with no corporeal extension certainly negates a lot of direct testimony from many contactees. It's highly assumptive to say they don't have bodies and don't occupy other planets and even more assumptive to say they are all vampiric.

But isn't assumption what so many people into esoterica are all about? If you can't SEE it or understand it, just make it up. Nevermind those of us who have actually had FIELD EXPERIENCE that totally debunks your whole hypothesis. YOU FAIL, keep researching with a more open mind already.

Regan Lee said...

Er, you talking to me?
I haven't said anything about what I think non-human entities are; in fact, for years I've been saying in interviews and on my blogs and in my articles, that a very big mistake many make is deciding such and such is so and so.

Because I post links to things I find interesting, for any number of reasons, doesn't mean I agree with them. I don't have any "hypothesis" as to who or what "they" are, except that there are a lot of types of "they" -- so no doubt, it follows, there are many types of agendas, etc. on their part.