Thursday, July 1, 2010

New WOE Look

Okay, sigh, does anyone else think this new template here for WOE looks like an soft-core porn catalog?


Deirdre said...

Well, if they were cherries, perhaps! But no, it hadn't occurred to me to think of porn of any kind. soft or hardcore.

I do think the site doesn't really reflect what one considers 'esoteric' but no one said it had to!

Deirdre said...

Unless those are cherry-tomatoes of course.

I'm kidding.

Regan Lee said...

I don't know, I'm so stuck on a design for this blog!!!!!!

Tomatoes, you know, like in dame, broad, gal, dish, lol, screw it.

I'll change it again I'm sure. I love violet but that' soooooo new age pagan witchy cliche.

Brown is boring

Black is so over done

What to do??????????????

Deirdre said...

Ah, yes like 'She's a fine lookin' tomata', circa Mike Hammer detective mysteries.

If you want help fleshing out specific design with elements and colors you prefer, let me know ;)

Regan Lee said...

Thanks Deirdre. At this point, I just give up. If you wanna play around, go ahead... otherwise, I'll just wait and see and maybe something will inspire me...