Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Art Cards on ETSY

 The Ghost Sheep of France, no.1 in series, mixed media on 3x5 card stock

Inspired by Richelle Hawks, who sells her handmade cards and jewelry on ETSY, I thought I'd give it a try as well. I used to sell vintage books on ebay and amazon.com (including a self-published book on Bigfoot!) I'm finding I have literally hundreds of books in the back room; no organization at all. I'm getting there. So on my Venusian23 shop on Etsy you'll find books and original art cards.

The art card (ACEO) shown is the first in a series. Other series to come:
  • Octopus Confessional Series
  • Episodes From The Journey Of The Orange Orb
  • Haunted Visits

That's what I have planned so far, but I expect to have more soon.

I like Etsy over eBay and amazon because it seems more personal and allows for individual and unique items; a nice place for artists who do their own self-expressive thing and less commercial and chaotic than eBay, etc.

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