Monday, July 26, 2010

New Columns at BoA

Explore the wonders of Binnall of America! Podcasts, forum, and lots of great columns.

My new TR should be up sometime today. This week's article is about the parallels between my orange orb sighting in the 1980s, and the 'Dark Presence' UFO Hunters episode that explored orange (and other colors) orb sightings. These are not "Chinese lanterns," or spirit orbs.

Other items include Richelle Hawks' Medusa's Ladder column; this week Richelle writes about purging of the bookmarks:
Weeding the Bookmarks: Recommended Sites, Essays, and Videos

I've never been good about deleting old emails, files, pictures, bookmarks or anything until it gets to some kind of unholy critical mass, then I purge like crazy. It's getting to be that time with my bookmarks, so I've been going through things clicking on things I haven't seen in years. I've deleted a lot, but rediscovered some things that I put aside to read later, and found some real gems; many are esoteric related, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Below is an eclectic selection of recommended reading and viewing from my forgotten and neglected bookmarks.
Funny Richelle mentions cleaning up bookmarks and emails; I have the same problem, and just a couple of days ago did the same thing with my bookmarks, managing to delete some important ones, like the access link to UFO Mystic. That's what happens when I try to get organized.

Tina Sena, at her Esotericana column, wants to know: Is the Grim Reaper an Extraterrestrial? Something about that; we call the Grim Reaper 'death' but as someone pointed out to me the other day, the GR doesn't kill people, he just takes them away. According to Wikipedia, in some systems the GR is a guide, leading the human away from this mortal life, in others, he causes death.

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