Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dr. Evil Files: "Here Come Drugs To Combat The Scrourge of Dykes"

Thanks to Lesley at The Debris Field for this link. On piglipstick, the following scary as all fucking shit news item about Dr. Maria New: "Here Come Drugs To Combat The Scrourge of Dykes"

Dr. New is experimenting with drugs to be used on the fetus:
"Dr. Maria New has a new strategy for treating unborn fetuses: the use of a potentially dangerous steroid aimed at preventing a rare congenital disorder that affects the adrenal gland, potentially consigning the future child to a lifetime regime of drugs.
It also prevents "some of the symptoms of [this disorder] in girls, namely ambiguous genitalia. . . Dr. New offers pregnant women dexamethasone, a risky steroid aimed at female fetuses that may have this disorder . . . Dr. New is also exploring the use of dexmethasone's effects on future fetuses' desires to explore "male careers" or have disinterest in becoming mothers.


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And it isn't even just Dykes, not like that wouldn't be bad enough, but women that are too manly seeming. OK, women like myself, that aren't interested in having children.

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