Monday, November 16, 2009

My never-before-published ghost story is now...published

In the writing I've done about UFOs, ghosts, paranormal and esoteric experiences, I've never hesitated to share and use my own experiences as examples or just anecdotes. I, like most people, have experienced weird, weird things. I make no serious claims of the paranormal or exotic status, and think most weird experiences have either a key missing piece of information, or are "just" highly synchronous, and reflexive, meaningful, perhaps directed by our own or collective driving force of Unconscious Mind.

So--I said above I've never hesitated to share those experiences, but that's not quite true. I just submitted one to Associated Content that I have always hesitated to relate--not just publicly. It has to do with--ghost or poltergeist activity. There are a few reasons I have reservations about sharing. I can't stand the thought of perpetuating the demonic and evil spirit entity crap. Yes, crap. I just don't buy into it, and I don't think it's a very appropriate or thoughtful part of investigatory paranormal undertakings. Demons? I get it if you are framing your ideas within a religious picture. But doing so pretty much closes the book, as far as I'm concerned. If demons exist, well, then many mysteries are thereby solved. It's not paranormal or unknown--it's religion. Although it sounds like I am mocking or dismissing it--I'm not. I think it is a legitimate conclusion or belief, but it's not paranormal.

Anyway, the article I wrote is about my experiences in my first apartment--an extraordinarily weird place. A trail of (unused) maxipads left by a spooky old woman, yard-scattered kitten fetuses, pit bull attacks, miraculous escapes, shotguns, Mormon missionaries, police action, and--possible poltergoosts. I'm still not sure I should have submitted it, but I accepted about 11 different writing assignments on the topic of the paranormal, and "your true ghost story" was one of them. I HAD to write it. Here it is, but don't go all demonic, please.

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