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The Amazing Energy Of Edd Edwards


I read an article about a man being tested by the Rhine Research Center in Durham North Carolina for his extreme energy levels and his ability to control his energy. The Rhine Research Center is a hub for research and education on the basic nature of consciousness. The man Edd Edwards was being tested, as he was able to channel his energy to move or adjust energy fields as well as to heal animals and people who were ill.

My curiosity got the better of me and I searched out this man who graciously agreed to talk to me about his abilities.

Edd Edwards lives in a small town in Georgia. He is a polite friendly intelligent man who is a pleasure to talk to. What makes Edd Edwards different from the rest of us is his powerful energy force and his ability to control it.

Edd (which is pronounced Eddie) first recalls his awareness of energy when he was a small child of two or three. His grandmother had a strong energy source and knew how to use her energy. His grandmother was a well-known hands on healer in their Christian community. She realized Edd also was gifted with this strong force and started him off early in life learning the ways of using and handling his strong energy abilities.

As Edd grew up he continued to develop his skill of controlling his energy. He was able to predict lightning strikes along with being the target for them. Edd has been hit by lightning three times in his life.

He also became aware that he could affect both ill humans and animals with healing energy. As Edd continued to master his control of his, energy he found he was able to move or make changes in other energy sources as well as magnetic fields.

Edd does not look at himself as that unusual or different. Edd claims that all of us could do the same things that he can do. He thinks we are all born with the ability the only difference is that he is aware of his. Edd feels we are all able to use our given energy and that we all could be able to connect to the overall connecting energy of the universe. The only difference is that he has learned how to tap in and use this skill. Edd feels that it is possible we may have become so closed off to these abilities that we have lost this skill.

After talking with Edd Edwards I feel it far more likely he is a example of what we will become and be able to do as we evolve and become more aware of our potential and how to use it. I look at Edd as a step up the human ladder. If we all were able to focus and use our energy like Edd does the world would be a far different place. The possibilities of using our energy in force to move things, change direction of fields and heal would make for incredible advancements that would be a giant stepping stone for mankind.

In the mid 90s Edd watched a TV program where a Dr. Levengood who is connected to the Rhine Research Center, talked about his research with equipment he was using to study energy concerning the on going crop circle controversy.

Edd called Dr Levengood to see if he could help him with his unusual energy abilities. Edd wanted to better understand his healing power, control and use of energy.

Edd went to see Dr Levengood where he was tested. He was tested on a charge density pulse recorder and was able to knock the readings off the scale. They were able to adjust the recorder to handle the amount of energy Edd was putting out. This is when Edd was able to see scientifically what his energy really was able to do. Working with this knowledge Edd was able to fine tune his brain to the point he could choose the frequency he wanted to work with (either DC positive or DC negative) Edd learned that this knowledge helped him in his healing as the different frequencies seemed to affect people in different ways.

Edd told me that people all have different energy levels, which he can easily detect and tune into. He thinks that we all have the resources to connect with the universal energy. He thinks we all are a catalyst who could learn to tap into the universal energy that surrounds all of us. Together we could heal, control and move the world to a better place if we could all develop and use the skills he does.

Edd’s connection to other living creatures is strong. He knows when someone is in pain or distressed. He also knows when someone is putting out good or bad energy. Edd can read a persons energy, which makes him more in tune with the world around him.

Edd can demonstrate his control of energy by concentrating his energy on groups of people. He is able to focus his attention to a group of people where he can send them the feeling of being pulled towards him or being pushed away. He has proven this skill while giving talks about his energy. When Edd gives his talks on his energy he has gotten his audience to stand and feel first hand his ability to pull them towards him or push them away. The people who experience this with Edd describe it like the action between two magnets held together.

Edd had been able to control his energy into a healing force by working with both humans and animals that are ill. Edd claims to be able to cause a positive effect on living tissue and has helped in healing those who suffered with that type of ailment.

Edd does not think he is really that different from the average person. Edd thinks with focus and a bit of concentration and practice many if not all of us could use the same export of human energy to join with the power of the universe and use our given energy to do things like heal the ill. Edd feels we can all learn and recognize the energy forces in us and around us. Edd feels that this skill is a natural skill and power in mankind that could be joined with the energy of the universe, which could be a step in our species evolution.

I think that Edd may be a person who is on the evolutionary ladder to what we may all come to be. I think we all have many powers and energy sources that we have not yet learned to control or even recognize as normal and natural. I also agree with Edd that one day all the energy that fills our universe will be able to be tapped into making us all part of one big picture. I believe this to be true however I also believe we have just started on the journey to conquer these abilities. I also think Edd is what our future will look like and he is indeed the man of tomorrow.

I hope more investigation into the power of Edd Edwards will go on by people like Dr Levengood. I think the world would be a much better place if we all were able to come together and join our given forces to make this world an easier better place. How wonderful it would be if in-group we could join together and heal the ill. Mend a child or remove the pain of the aging or wounded. I think one day this will be our way. For now we have Edd and the few like him to learn from and work with to find our way to being all we can be.

I will share with you the fact that I had a painful earache the day I spoke with Edd Edwards. I told him I had it for about two weeks and that it was really bothering me the day we spoke.

I did not think Edd could do anything for me since we were talking over an Internet connection. Edd did have me hold my hand to my ear and talked to me about healing for a minute or two. I thought little of it until after the interview. By the time I went to bed my earache was gone and to date it has not returned.

Edd told me that interest had been shown in the science community to do research on him and others like him who are able to focus and control their energy. Although I think Edd has been gifted in his energy abilities I do know each one of us has a life energy force within us.

I also know that they discovered as far back as when the pyramids were being built that our strength and abilities increased beyond what they should when we joined together working as one. They soon discovered that 12 men pulling a heavy weight actually had the pulling strength of maybe 15 men. This increased as they added men. Having crews of 20 or 30 men working on a project provided the strength of 4o men.

Knowing this I could not help imagine how our life would change if we could learn to focus in groups using our energy to heal, move objects or reach into space. If our efforts could also increase as mans physical strength does with our energy abilities imaging our abilities can be endless.

I wonder if we spent our time and money on projects like this instead of millions on blowing holes in our moon what good might be learned and done? If we could learn to self heal our own species with group energy we would all benefit. If we could use what is natural and free many problems could be helped and this world be a better planet. I certainly think learning from people like Edd Edwards is worth a piece of that 70 plus million we spent to blow that hole in our moon.

I wish we all could learn from this man so that we all could use that inside of each of us to help improve the world and all of life around us.

I like Edd Edwards. It would be wonderful if we could all be a bit more like this energy filled healing man. My bet for our evolution and welfare would be to learn more about our own abilities here on our own planet before reaching out to other places and other beings. I am sure energy fills all life in this universe. I think it wise we learn all we can about our own powers before going unarmed and ignorant out into the vast universe. Conquering our own abilities and strengths should be our first concern before looking for contact with those who already may have found theirs.

As we walk forward towards the universal community of other life forms and beings let us understand the importance of becoming all we can be. It would be wonderful if mankind was known as focused, healing, intelligent life forms instead of violent, war like killing beings that cannot join as one or control our own life force.

We have miles to go however men like Edd Edwards give me hope we are on the changing path to becoming better beings. I do hope our society starts to build around men like Edd. The doctors who do realize and want to investigate his abilities are not able to find funding or the help they need to do so. I would think that science would be fighting over the chance to work with and learn from Edd. This is not the case and what should be happening does not happen.

I guess until we, as a society figure out what is important in life millions will be spent on Vampire and Horror flicks. People like Edd and all they have to offer to this world will go the way side keeping us at the barbaric end of the universal life chain.

I know our future is in people like Edd Edwards. I guess until the rest of the human race thinks as I do we will continue on leaving men like Edd in small towns healing who he can while the rest of us spend our time fighting, hating and figuring out how to destroy each other. What can I say; I am just a simple paranormal writer living on a big blue globe floating in a vast big universe. The only ability I have is to call it like I see it!

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sadeyes said...

I had a relationship with Edd Edwards for two years. What I've learned from him is that his arrogance and conceit do not match his "supposed" magnetic field. He is given a gift from God? Where is the glory due his creator? What I learned form him is that HE wants the glory, fame and reward from this supposed gift. I myself try to be humble but I saw no evidence of humbleness in this man. Very disappointing to learn the true nature of his motives.

Kayla said...

sadeyes - I am sorry to hear your relationship with Mr. Edwards did not end with you having a favorable impression of him. I agree our gift from God should have all glory to Him. I do have a question about your 2 years working with him. Did Mr. Edwards help you or teach you how to use any of your energy?