Thursday, August 13, 2009

richelle hawks on "Aliens in Coveralls"

I really enjoyed this piece by richelle for her Medusa's Ladder column on BoA. Aliens in Coveralls.
Playing on the screen memory idea, my response to Steve's assertion about the miniature helicopter and men standing near it was, "They didn't happen to be wearing coveralls, did they?" Anyone familiar with UFO narratives will get it�coveralls, along with other specific things such as aluminum, helicopters, hieroglyphs, soil samples, etc., are a common feature.

The nuts and bolts crowd may argue the significance of such commonalities is that they serve to support the notice of tangible,' real' experience, and of course, there's a lot in that argument. However, in a taking a close look at the particular common components in the narratives, it becomes clear they are loaded with symbolism and meaning.

What's the symbolism and meaning? You'll have to visit Medusa's Ladder on BoA to find out!

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