Saturday, August 22, 2009

Watery Crop Circles and Bath Mats: Working with Spirit Energy

I've been doing a lot of work these past couple of weeks with spirit guides, which has brought me -- and, seemingly, our house -- a lot of vivid experiences. I've experienced more activity in the past ten days or so than I've had in the past couple of years; which includes dreams, visions, poltergeist type energy, out of body experiences . . .

Last night I had a dream that involved a crop circles and a pendulum. I dreamt I was with a group of people, visiting an abandoned estate of sorts, with lots of terraces that led down to a courtyard. At one time this place was a school of some kind, a kind of college but people also lived here. We go down to this courtyard, which is mostly white marble; the steps leading down, the ground, everything. Nothing in the courtyard except a pedestal made of stones; about two feet tall, and about three feet by five feet. On top of the stone pedestal is a wooden frame, about a foot deep. This "box" is full of water, which is very clear. At the bottom of this little pool is a crop circle. Logically this doesn't make sense; in the waking world, a crop circle in sand or dirt, or in wheat, etc. would not last, but in dream logic, it makes sense. The crop circle was a geometric design, not of any recognizable animal or symbol.

I get out my pendulum (which, in the waking world, I've been working with) and it goes crazy. I mean crazy, I can barely keep a hold of it. It's spinning around so wildly I can't tell if it's "yes" or "no" or what. Finally I get in sync with it and realize it's telling me -- us -- that what the crop circle has to tell us, what we can learn from it, where the crop circle (and all crop circles) are from, is "very intense."

I share this with the group; I tell them that the pendulum shows us that it's going to be "very intense" and for some reason, everyone takes this as "very negative." They start to leave in a little rush, pushing each other up the terraced sides. I say "No, not negative, just intense. It's not a bad thing..." but they don't get it, or don't want to get it. That's the end of the dream.

Other experiences I've had lately: listening to a guided imagery mediation kind of CD, I was having what I call "slide shows" --the vivid pictures popping rapidly in my head during that slightly hypnogognic, trance like state one is in when starting to go to sleep, or relaxing. My pictures were coinciding with what was being said on the tape; after the voice said, for example, "A bright candle," I saw a bright candle. But then I had a vivid, highly detailed picture of a woman who was clearly up to no good; the the message I had was that this woman was a lair, a thief and a manipulator. I briefly wondered "Where did that come from?!" and then the voice on the CD said "There will be people who mean harm and will lie to you. . . "

An odd thing was Jim's experience earlier this evening with the bath mat. I was taking a nap and he had just got in from work. He went into the bathroom to take a shower. He reached for the bath mat that we keep hanging on the shower curtain rod, and it was gone. He thought that was weird, and looked around the bathroom for it, no bath mat. He couldn't find it, which was weird, and wondered if maybe I hadn't moved it. Although why I'd do that, made no sense, he told me later. He looked again, no bath mat. He walked out thinking of waking me but didn't want to do that, so he went back into the bathroom, and there was the bath mat where it always is -- on the shower curtain rod. He told me that this was one of the weirdest things that has happened to him, so weird it made the hair on his skin stand up.

For some reason, I feel that that incident is connected to the spirit energy I've been working with.

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