Saturday, August 22, 2009

Down, Up, White, Water . . .

In the previous post, I described a dream I had involving water in a small man made pool, in a white marble setting. I used my pendulum to find out what the crop circle in the water meant. . .

Last night I had a dream that was similar in many ways, but different as well. In the dream I find that I'm leading a small group of people to an abandoned building, a large 19th century apartment type building used for residence but also some kind of school. It turns out I, or my husband, owns the building but haven't been near the thing in years. I get the key, and we arrive, and want to go up to the top floor, but find it barricaded with a weird, rickety, sloppy kind of staircase. The intent of the staircase was to discourage people from going further. "Screw that," I say, "I own this building!" and we manage to climb through everything and get to the apartment at the top.

Once inside, the apartment is lovely. Very nice, clean, and mostly in white, but not sterile, very warm and comfortable. The living room is a sunken living room, the kind popular in the 1950s, '60s, and some of the people sit down in there on the furniture. In the center of the sunken living room is a pool, very much like the one in the previous dream. Just water inside, no crop circle or anything.

One of the men in the group takes off his shoes, which seemed funny since he's wearing a business suit, tie, the works. He stretches and asks if he can put his feet in the water: "It sure would feel nice" he says. I tell him it's important not to put his feet in the water, no offense and it's not personal, but it's important we don't contaminate the water. That's not what it's for.

However, I point to the open door to the right, which leads out onto a lovely patio and garden, with a swimming pool. I tell him it's fine if he wants to go out to the pool and swim. Not just get his feet wet, but his whole body.


The previous dream had us going down, this dream had us going up. In both dreams I was a leader, sort of. Both dreams had small pools of water. Both dreams had white as the dominant color, and both dreams had the water as something clearly sacred. Both dreams had abandoned, or no longer used large buildings that once held a lot of people, and related to learning.

I think of "as above, so below" when thinking on these dreams, and that the subconscious and mundane is connected to the higher self, astral realms. . . we are all connected, not only with each other, but all living things, which is, in my little belief system, everything.

I've used dreams as tools for years; I think we can learn from many of our dreams to help us on whatever path we're on, or are about to step upon. I think these two dreams are signals to me that I'm about to start something new. . . and the dreams are confirmations of my recent desires to do work in teaching/healing areas.

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