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A Different Look at a Life Long Abductee –Less Hollywood More Reality

I have spent a great deal of time talking to and writing the story of a woman who has trusted me to tell her extraordinary life of on going Paranormal Experiences. Since early childhood this woman has been taken by other beings as an experiment, some type of progect or for reasons none of us can understand. She feels that telling her ordeal with her lifelong encounters and extreme experiences will help bring others like her to the forefront.

This woman’s life events are not glamorous or filled with elaborate Aliens of grays and blue who leave her with god like messages for all to benefit from. This woman’s story is more simple and startling. It is a straightforward account of how her life has been interfered with, without glory or want of attention. It took me years to convince her to tell her story. I agreed to protect her and her family. I also agreed to tell it as she tells me without fluff or fancy added. I will tell her story one article at a time. I may not write them not in chapter or order but as she tells her story to me. I think she is extremely interesting and will do my best to bring her world into ours. Lets start at the beginning

The life of Diane -Not Like the Other Kids! The Start of a Paranormal Life

I have been questioned about when I first knew my life was a bit different. I thought about this for a long time. I do not have a smooth linked recall of my childhood. I do know it was not like other childhoods. I will tell you what I can remember.

The earliest event I recall was when I was age three or four. It was a memory of being placed back. That is the best way I can explain it. I was in a small forest. I was gathering pine cones with my mother. I became separated from her. I recall her screaming my name and the sensation of being placed down. I can remember looking up at a funnel or tunnel but do not know what I was looking at. I recall my mother lifting me. She was running towards the road screaming for help with me held closely to her. I recall the pounding of her heart and how terrified she was, that is all I recall.

The memories of my life that I am fully aware of began when I was five years old. We moved away from the house where the pine cone forest was located. We were in a new house located in Huntington New York on Long Island. I was on a street of new houses filled with lots of children. I was a happy little kid. I played all day, went to kindergarten and lived the typical life of a five year old, until nighttime.

Bedtime during this time in my life was hell. My parents talked about it being night terrors, and were determined to simply “Wait it out”. I knew it was a far bigger problem, but at age five, all you have is your family to depend on. If they think nothing is wrong, there is little a small child can do, but wait it out!

It would start once the house was silent and my family asleep. I would wake up to bright neon ticket tape symbols crossing the border of my room where the ceiling and wall meet. This display would play bright colored letters, numbers and images of toys and child like interests, bikes, games etc. After a few minutes the symbols would start. Odd shaped lines and writing which looked very ancient. I did not know what they were or why I was seeing this. This would go on, around all four walls of my room until it changed over to events. War like scenes, pictures of the earth, frightening things. At this point I would jump out of my bed and go screaming in terror in to my parents room.

I would chalk all of this off to child hood nightmares or night terrors except for one thing. It went on every single night, until I was seven. The same exact things, the same images, the same exact ordeal night after night.

My parents took me to a doctor. He told them I was fine and just a bright child with an active imagination. I was becoming exhausted from lack of sleep and confused at this bizarre nightly routine. During this time my parents moved. We moved often during those years.

We moved to a beautiful town on the south shore of Long Island on a gorgeous river. I had tons of friends and truly loved my new home. Now in the second grade I was able to express myself a great deal better. A change in my nightly horror was developing as well. Now, when I went to sleep at night, the interference into my night was less. Now I would only see a few recurring images repeated in my sleep. This was combined with a weekly recurring dream of many people I loved dying along with a display of world events that later during my life would come to pass. It was better than before but still very disturbing as my nights continued to be a time of turmoil, exhaustion and screaming for my family during the long terrifying hours of my bedtime.

During the second grade I started to make a strange symbol on the bottom of my

work pages in school. I was not aware I was doing it. My teacher called me to her desk one day and asked me about it. I recognized it as one of the symbols I saw at night and frankly was shocked I was drawing it on my papers. I was told to stop and of course I said I would.

A few weeks later my teacher called my parents to tell them I was still writing this strange symbol on all my school work and would not stop. I did not recall doing it. I was very upset and frightened, as I honestly did not remember placing this mark on my papers. It continued. I was punished for it in school and at home, but did not know how to make it stop. Thankfully summer came and this symbol situation ended.

The next few years must have been uneventful, as I do not remember much about them. The only thing I can recall is this is when I started to understand if a person was good or evil by one glance. I would tell my mother daily who were the good and bad people around us. My mother found this odd on one hand but later I found out she also paid close attention to the warnings of her strange little girl.

I was 10 when things picked up for me paranormal wise. I was older and allowed more freedom. The kids in this river community ran in packs and played along the banks of the river and surrounding beautiful countryside. I would pack a lunch on a summers day and leave in the morning on my bike and not return till dinnertime. We rowed our small rowboats in the river, we fished, swam, played ball in the f

ields, and explored the woods. It was a great life. I was just a regular kid having a wonderful time. Except for the time issues and pain problems.

At age ten I started to realize that I would get home at days end much later than I thought. I kept arriving home at dinnertime when I thought it was only 4 or so in the afternoon. I had a watch, which really confused me as often, not always, but a few times a month; I would head home at 4pm and arrive home at 6pm. I kept telling my mother I would start for home at 4 but she would only accuse me of being irresponsible, playing along the river too long and yell at me. I knew I left for home, a 5-minute bike ride home at 4 and not get there till 6. I had no explanation other then the fact I was 10 years old!

Having raised children of my own, I now know the next memory I have of this time in my life was extremely odd. I would notice during the days I got home late, that I

would also end up laying on the living room floor, after dinner, crying about the severe pain in my back and legs. I can recall the pain like it was yesterday. It was just awful. I would beg my mother to do something. She would give me a aspirin and fix me a hot tub to soak in. I would go through this until I was about 12. My parents told me it was growing pains. I remember asking my best pal George one day how he tolerated those growing pains? He looked at me blankly and said, “what growing pains?” When I reported this response to my parents they responded by giving me more milk and cheese and making me go to bed earlier.

This summer was a strange summer. It was the summer my river community had a UFO sighting by a group of adults at one of the town’s docks. It was a strange summer and one I often think about as my life unfolded and more mystery was added year by year.

At this point things did settle down for a few years. My memories seemed to be normal, however, the leg and back pain continued with my coming home late until I was 11.

I wonder about those years and wish I understood more of what was happening

around and to me. I know my 12th year was calm and rather pain free. I was becoming a young woman and things would soon change on many levels as I entered into a new phase of life.

This also was a turning point for me not only from child to young woman but also a step up with my lifetime involvement with the paranormal.

Right now I will leave you with one thought. If your child tells you something

is happening, do not disregard them. If your child claims something to be true do not accuse them of lying until you find the truth. And lastly, if your child is in pain, listen to them and take them to a doctor. Children should not cry in pain, not from growing. Mostly and foremost if anyone you love, especially a child loses time, do not dismiss him or her. Do all you can to find out what is happening to them during those lost hours. It may be the most important thing you could ever do for that person.

I will continue to write more about this life long abduction case during the next few months. It has been this woman’s lifelong burden to deal with the strange interference of others taking and interrupting her life. This woman has suffered enormously as a result of this ongoing mystery of evasion into her life.

This is the actual symbol this woman has been driven to copy over and over for nearly 50 years in a compulsion starting when she was a very small child. She has asked me to include this in my article in hopes someone out there will recognize what it is. If you have

seen this before please contact me at

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