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The 60’s A Hot Bed of UFO Activity for Long Island New York

I have written about many experiences by those who lived on Long Island New York. It is my home state and Long Island is where I grew up and now reside.

I started to write about my own experiences and those of people I have interviewed over the years however was not ready for the huge amounts of accounts that have been flooding to my email since I opened up this topic of Long Island UFO paranormal encounters.

I have people who live all over the world that once lived here on Long Island writing to me about what they encountered while living here on the Island.

A huge amount of mail came in concerning the Blackout in 1965 that occurred in New York. It seems many recalled odd encounters during that period including seeing the same fireball I did – to sightings of UFO’s and even those who claim to have been abducted and implanted.

Without question New York and the 60’s were tied tightly to the UFO arena. Those who live here who continue to endure abductions and witness sightings will tell you it has never stopped. I have and will be writing over the next year reports that continue as we speak about these encounters in my area.

Recently I interviewed a man who goes by the id on the Internet of California Jack. Jack lived on Long Island when he was growing up. He lived here in the 60’s in a small town on the south shore of Long Island called Bayport. This town was a sleepy small little village at the time, in fact isn’t that much changed even today. The basics of the area have remained true in makeup much as it was back then.

Jack Stamper was about 16 during the summer of 65. He was a typical Island kid and spent a great deal of time on his boat between Long Island and Fire Island.

Jack told me of one summer night when he and his pal Steve were returning from Fire Island to Bayport via crossing the Great South Bay which is the large water way between both islands. The boys were coming home late at night about 1 or 2 a.m. when they noticed something unusual in the sky. Jack told it to me this way:

“I was with my pal Steve. We were coming home from Fire Island on our boat across the Great South Bay to my hometown Bayport. It was maybe 1 or 2 in the morning. There was no moon,. It was black as pitch out there with a sky full of bright stars.. We were probably 2 1/2 miles out - about half way across the bay.

As we made our way across the bay we first noticed a odd light overheard like a yellow light bulb that stood still for a few minutes, then took off straight up till it mingled with the stars and was gone. We didn’t get very excited at first as it looked like stuff lots of people report seeing. It just got us a little bit excited, but nothing to really tell anyone about.

That quickly changed as we made our way across that bay. We were looking up when we saw 4 of this things to the left and 4 to the right, miles high and what seemed miles away in the distance. We stopped the boat. One from the left formation changed color from yellow to green and began dipping slightly from its level position.

With incredible speed this thing crossed the sky and joined the 4 objects on the right. The speed was incredible. What was even more amazing is that it then came to a complete stop and just was standing there still with the other 4 on the right.

Watching this made Steve and I really nervous as we afraid we might be abducted and wanted to get out of there as fast as we could.

We pulled the engine to life on our 14-foot speedboat and headed for shore. We sped towards Bayport creek as fast as that boot could travel thankful that the water was calm and windless that night. We would have never made it back as fast if there had been waves or wind.

We raced the 2 miles across the bay towards Bayport Creek. The streetlights at the mouth of the creek were my only direction beacons for guidance. During this frantic ride back to shore my only focus was the black water surging by and the roar of the outboard. Steve was in the back seat watching the yellow lights- we never spoke.

We entered the creek proceeding down it a lot faster than usual. I finally throttled down and came to a stop. No one was around. We were hoping there would have seen someone. We also saw that the formation of 8 yellow lights were gone which made us feet a bit safer.

At harbor speed we slowly cruised about half way down the creek near to my docking space on mirror smooth water along that dark country creek. Then it happened!

Out from behind the trees that lined the creek came the most perfect saucer anyone could ever dream they would see. It was directly in front of us.

At the end of the creek the trees dipped in the middle, like an old tree lined road. As this happened I first veered left and crashed into the reed bank. But seconds later something changed in my mind and I reversed my boat, straightened out and proceeded slowly towards this thing hovering over the waters edge. I don't know if Steve agreed with this decision but he stayed in the boat anyway.

It was large and I realized much further away than I thought. It had a yellowy green glow around it, which stood out against the black of a dark night. It was perfectly clear. I've seen it many times since in my minds eye.

Most peculiar was a flat topped (truncated) black pyramid shaped door or scanner part of the craft that slowly moved around the top portion. I have estimated it took about 45 seconds or less for this part to make one complete circuit. We kept moving towards it till it slowly banked and tilted to the left revealing maybe 6 glowing lights underneath towards the rim. It then slipped from view behind the trees and was gone.

As my memory serves we were a bit stunned and after the UFO floated behind the trees and out of sight we just turned the boat around and motored to my dock. We tied up, got out, and went home. I can't remember talking much about it to Steve, but we must have shared something. He went to his home about a mile away and I went into my house to find I was home alone.

I picked up the phone and called the police to report the sighting, but first I asked whether there had been any carnivals with Ferris wheels passing through Middle Road (the heart of town) in Bayport that night? The answer. Was no so I gave my report about the huge UFO on the creek to some desk clerk and went to sleep.

Next morning everyone was out of the house already by the time I woke up about 10:00 a.m. As I was just waking up a police officer knocked on the door. His cruiser #310 was in the driveway.

He asked if I was the one who phoned in the report. I said I was and we sat down at the dining room table so he could take a report about our sighting.

The first thing I did was to ask this policeman if anyone else had seen anything? He said I could ask questions after the report was finished.

He took down all the details of our sighting including a map of each light on each saucer. He also had me make a good drawing of all I had seen.

"Now" he said, " Do you have any Questions?" First I asked him if he had seen it, he answered that he had not. Then I wanted to know if anyone else had seen it? He told me there were over 1000 calls from others who also witnessed something. I asked him if it had been over our small town of Bayport? He told me to my surprise that it was thought to have been approximately in the center of Long Island which would have made it about 10 miles away. That would make this thing considerably larger than I thought.

The policeman told me that they thought it was estimated at somewhere like a mile in diameter. It was proceeding eastward down the center of the island. He told me they think it s course took it over Brookhaven National Laboratory along the electric power lines, down the center of Long Island till it went out to sea past Montauk Point.

Thousands more were suspected to have seen it that did not or could not call in to leave a report.

This is where my part of this sighting ends. I regret not following it up during the rest of that summer. Now years later I wish I knew what it was I saw so clearly that night when I was 16. That event has stayed with me my entire life. I hope this may be the year we all learn more about all these experiences, encounters and sightings so many of us share. “

When Jack shared that story with me I was fascinated as I too saw a UFO that year about 7 miles from the location he did in October. I too noticed a revolving top on the craft I saw and I too was with friends who really did not have much to say after the event.

I do not know what was going on at that time on Long Island but I do know many islanders did see things. I also know that many sightings were seen on Fire Island, which is faced out to the open Atlantic Ocean.

I will continue to write the stories of the paranormal events that surround Long Island and hope one day we can all understand and figure out what is going on with this very unknown yet constantly seen world of the UFO ‘s and those who pilot them.

Jack has renewed his interest in what he saw that night long ago and is going to investigate his sighting by researching all he can about that night and that event.

For now be careful out there and keep looking up! Remember the best thing to do if you see something you do not understand is to find others and remove yourself from any danger by keeping your distance between the unknown and the known!

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