Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She Has To Go! She Reads Tarot!

Toronto Beauty Queen rejected because she reads Tarot and practices Reiki. Yes, it's true. In this day and age. She's demonic and Satanic, don' you know, and women taping their boobs and getting their lips pumped full of chemicals and getting bikini waxes is All American, by gum! Sorry, starting to rant. Anyway, read about the hypocritical (after all, men shave their faces and eat bacon and wear mixed fabrics, all taboo in the Bible) topic on Phantoms and Monsters.


richelle said...

The link doesn't work...

Toronto? Toronto is a liberal city; I don't get it. Scary

Regan Lee said...

Link is fixed now.

Yeah, I know, I thought it odd too it happened in Toronto.