Sunday, January 6, 2008

Alien Abductions: True Confessions

The cable channel We TV has a program with the somewhat cheesy title Alien Abductions: True Confessions. I've seen three of these so far (I think that's all that's aired so far) and they're pretty good, in the sense they don't make fun of these women. We is woman centered, so the focus is on female abductees. I noticed something; that with all the shows so far, they end on a positive note, no matter how terrifying the experiences are. In fact, there seems to be a formula: women has life long or pattern of unexplained missing time, UFO sightings, feelings of anxiety, 'dreams" of aliens, can't wake up S.O. while hearing/observing UFO or light, etc.

Then goes through a long time, decades sometimes, of denial, repression, convincing the self it's all a dream. Then can't take it anymore, lol, and gets regressed, where of course, it's found she has been abducted all along.

While friends and family members have been lost due to the woman's abduction experiences (they can't handle it, etc) the woman ends up feeling empowered and there's some kind of peace, now that the truth is out. Some women go on to help others in this area; getting involved in UFO research, etc. (sound familiar? )

You can see the message board and more about the show on the We TV website.

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richelle said...

darn it, I really want that channel. Steve has it, and I (sadly)actually have him record some of the shows on dvds and send them. I admit I like john edwards, and there's a couple of their ghost shows that are much better than the same old discovery reruns. Looks like he's going to have another one to record--thanks.