Saturday, January 19, 2008

Medusa's Ladder: Creepy Flying Humanoids

Richelle has a new item up on Binnall of America: her column Medusa’s Ladder, with her article Take Your Protein Pills and Put Your Helmet on: The Flying Humanoids and Liminality.

In the piece, Richelle says that she finds the flying humanoids “creepy.”
I find something ineffably creepy about the recent flying humanoid videos. The much circulated youtube Mexican flying witch video was the stuff of my nightmares. Hoax or “real,” whoever or whatever is responsible for that image of the seated, dark figure, complete with pointy hat and cape, cruising smoothly through the air as if in a living fairy tale—really knows how to play on an archetypal element.

I agree, I don’t know why, haven’t analyzed it, but they creep me out as well, especially that witch one from Mexico. As Richelle noted, hoax or not, doesn’t matter. Still creepy.

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