Sunday, March 3, 2013 - Irish Faery Tradition

" - Irish Faery Tradition: What is generally called the “faery tradition” is seldom understood in full…it is usually limited to the academic study of folklore. You know the kind of thing, visit grandmother, ask her about faeries, write the answers down or nowadays tape them…get a grant, publish a book. But grandmother is speaking with a voice that comes down to us from prehistoric times…she is not merely relating quaint countryside Irish beliefs. Not at all…she is telling us that the land is alive teeming with energetic spiritual forces that over the centuries, the millenniums even, became personified as myriad forms: some human, some animal, some a mixture, theriomorphic forms that combine human, bird, animal, fish. Most of all, she is telling us stories about how to live, how to relate, how to be integrated within the living land. You will not get a government grant for that."

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