Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jeremy Vaeni: One Fierce Abduction Times Two

At his blog JayVay; Jeremy Vaeni shares an excerpt from "a sequel of sorts" to I Know Why The Aliens Don't Land! One Fierce Abduction Times Two | JayVay Here's a little bit:
I collapse onto my back and now see that there are three beings standing over me to my right. I am terrified but don’t scream. The beings are short, not more than four feet tall. They are wearing brown tunics. Their skin is gray and from what I can see of their hooded heads they are bald. They have diminutive facial features, save for the eyes, which are huge black oval pools. If human eyes are the windows to the soul these eyes are windows to the infinite depths of everything.

There is something else curious about them: They have a playful nature. The one closest my face, at least, is smirking and exudes this childlike naivety. It is as if they want me to come play and yet I am horrified beyond the meaning of the term. They never speak a word to me. Wildcherry remains unconscious.

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