Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alfred Lehmberg: UFO Magazine Blog "Process Due..."

It always seems inaccurate to post excerpts from Alfred Lehmberg's writing, but here is a bit; please read the entire piece at UFO Magazine's blog:
UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - Process Due...: Working in my hydroponics, breathing air that's like a tonic, making things that save the Earth and bring her back; yes, lift our curse! Colonize the asteroids—bigger thoughts, and better choices, we could live in synergy if we got off our "scabby knees"!.
Simply put, it's not "respect" that keeps us mired and in debt! We're not kept our promises; they'd distort our common senses; some of us would break our oaths to wear that *better* set of clothes!
This WILL keep us from our fate, and tie us down with ropes of hate... which we don't need or even want if truth was more than nonchalant. Take a breath and draw it free as you come off your tortured knees, and take advantage of the wealth which staggers us with full stocked shelves! Enough's indeed a feast you see; what's best in life, indeed, is free!

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