Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lesley's Gray Matters: "Cursed or Just Plain Weird?

Lesley's Gray Matters column for Binnall of America:Cursed or Just Plain Weird? Seems a Halloween type story right for this witchy season, only her experience is true!

I go into the grocery and she is following me. I turn and look at her again and she looks in the other direction. I stop to pick up a cart and she is once again very near, like within a foot and mumbling in Spanish again. So I swing the cart around and leave quickly. My first stop is the produce section. I have pretty much totally forgotten about her and am concentrating on what I stopped there for. I stop to pick out some sort of veggie or fruit and there she is again! She is once again right at my ear, just inches away and mumbling in Spanish! Same thing as before - I turn around to ask her what the fuck she wants and she quickly turns and speeds away. By that point I am kind of freaked out by her and I grab my cart and race through the store to finish my shopping.

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