Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Tour Continues! (and a spooky poem)

The tour continues! Today's stop is Scott Noir and his "Smoldering Prose" and I love it! 
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Day 6     Oct. 24             
Scott Noir  *Published Author of Erotica, Studly Man, "Smoldering Prose"  

My spooky item for the day, a poem about lights, memory, and mist in the woods. Enjoy!

Blue Lights
unexpected, blue lights appear
in this isolation, and through
the thin cracks in the rough wood,
glowing mists invite, even while repelling

a cold silence makes itself known, waiting
we hear its breathing

dreams, night walking, forgetfulness
only slivers of mists and light beams remain

jarring realities intrude, mundane violences, abrupt commands
we don’t understand, we don’t remember
but sense invisible connections anyhow

we believe there’ll be a reveal in the retelling, no matter
how fragmented

memory has a sentience all its own

~ regan lee, october 2010
[Photograph by Regan Lee]

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Day 7     Oct. 25             
Fan Spotlight Day 
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