Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky Blog Tour!

I apologize for slacking the past day or two on the tour; illness and work kept me from staying on top of things. But it's not too late to visit these blogs, or, to enter the drawings! Including Women Of Esoterica's drawing! Just send an email to with "ENTER" in subject line.

Okay, on with the tour! These are all unique and great blogs, please do visit and leave comments!

Beginning with:
In case you missed these, :(
Day 8     Oct. 26             
Kayleigh Jamison  *Published Author, Spiritual Woman, Bookish Diva*
Give-away: YES

Day 9     Oct. 27             
Intense Whisper  *Featured Blogger*
Give-away: YES

Day 10     Oct. 28             
Donna Carrick  *Published Author of Fiction, Active Participant of #WriteChat on Twitter, Huge Hearted Gal*

And continuing with:
Day 11     Oct. 29             
Dyan Garris  *Featured Blogger Visionary Mystic & Author of the Award Winning Finalist Money and Manifesting *

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