Monday, August 23, 2010

What will the 2011 Model of UFO Look Like?

Over the years the descriptions of unidentified flying objects has become as diverse as our automobile models. I am of course being silly . I have noticed that as we become more aware of what is happening in our sky we also have been seeing more than one type of unknown object.

The shapes of the unexplained crafts spotted across the world make me think the intelligence piloting them may also be as diverse as the crafts they use to visit us.

We are all familiar with the saucer style UFO. I believe it may be the first type of craft that we reported seeing . Sort of the model T Ford of UFO crafts. There are paintings and assorted artifacts that are thousands of years old that show saucer shape crafts. They also reference crafts that look like short rockets. Bright light glowing from or surrounding crafts also seems to be shown in ancient art.

Saucers are still seen around the world. Cigar shapes, triangles , cross shaped crafts, orbs, rings, diamond and rectangle shaped crafts all have been spotted in our skies. I have received reports of crafts of pure light as well as one that seemed to be a large living creature. There are many unknowns being seen by many. The idea that they are all ridiculous is ridiculous. By the numbers of sightings alone we must admit and realize something is going on out there and many of us are seeing it.

The size of the UFO 's being spotted is interesting as they too are diverse and range from car size to huge mother ships the size of a building or as long as a football field. I recall reading years ago about a sighting of a mother ship seen by hundreds over long Island in the 1960's . The newspaper article at the time claimed the craft was at least a mile long and wide. That is a very large craft.

There is no doubt that we are being visited. There is no doubt that the crafts used to transport our visitors come in many shapes and forms. I think the only question that really remains is who is responsible for these crafts and who is visiting us.

Judging from the diversity of the UFO's spotted we are being visited by not one but an assortment of beings. I am sure the intelligent life forms building and piloting the crafts that we are seeing are as different from each other as are the crafts we are seeing.

Reports of aliens being seen by people all over the world have also been widely varied in appearance .


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