Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim and the Blessing of the Water

About six years ago, my friend Anne Blandin and I got together, thinking of ways to create circles of women coming together to pray and talk and work and create... with the intent of focusing on the future for the children. This was really all Anne's idea--  I pretty much just took notes--  which led her to get in contact with Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim who is a Native Oregonian in the truest sense. That contact led to Blessings of the Water, the first two happening in Eugene, ... now, the "Grandmother's circle" has become a large gathering of women. And as these things happen, this creation has taken a life of its own, leaving Anne, and myself, for I'm not in direct contact with any of the sister-strangers in the community, and yet, this energy continues to move outwards.

Grandma Aggie is one of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, and we are honored to have her in our community. "Wanishi" Grandma Aggie and our "eau."

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