Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank You

Jim and I both want to share how grateful we are, and touched, by all the loving energy and kind words for his recovery. All the prayers and healing thoughts sent his way have done a lot in terms of raising his spirits (mine as well.) I am just overwhelmed, as is Jim, by the outpouring of positive messages. (I know many of you have been leaving messages on our Facebook pages but the hospital's server doesn't allow FB access. Lesley Gunter has been kind enough to let us know there have been many healing thoughts left there for us.) Thank you, thank you!

He is still in the hospital; hopefully we can go home tomorrow. The heart attack was a biggie; there's a family history of fatal attacks (father, uncle, grandfather) in their late fifties, early sixties. We were very fortunate to have realized something wasn't right and get him to the ER right away. Medical staff have been fantastic.

Both Jim and I are sending our deep gratitude vibrations out to all, and again, thank you!!

image source: Peggy Jentoft

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