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How does the world handle the unknown? That is easy to answer. The world handles it with laughter, scary fun, make believe and of course by handing it all to Hollywood so they can make movies of all that unknown stuff that frightens us so it can simply be tossed off as fantasy.

We seem to have a severe fear of dealing with subjects we do not understand with such a fierce refusal to accept or understand that which we can not explain that we insist on keeping it a joke, a entertainment, something that makes us yell with fun filled silliness. We want movies and scary books and even want to walk around imitating Vampires, as that is what Hollywood, HBO as well as many other media companies have trained us to do.

I am not sure who drives this system of dealing with the unknown however agree it must have roots in government, world control or maybe even the aliens. Like all things we do not understand our method of handling the subject of UFO sightings, alien encounters plus many other unknown areas seems always to end up in fantasy-land and the hands of movie-makers. I enjoy a great flick like everyone else but hey- could we maybe once have the issue of visiting beings seen all over the world in odd crafts looked at seriously by our scientists and government agencies without the commercials and popcorn?

Concerning the world of the paranormal humans seem to be trained like dogs and cats to jump around and laugh at the mention of things they do not understand. The only thing missing is the cookie treat when we react, as our training requires! It seems with ease mankind can be dragged around by the nose and told what to think and what not to think and what we should find funny. What ever fantasy cable TV or Hollywood shows us we confuse it with fact, or think of fact as fantasy or simply do not care. We have given up reason for instant entertainment.

We sit for hours in front of the boob tube willing to absorb whatever is tossed at us without thought or care. What ever that boob tube spits out we believe and follow. We do as we are trained and commanded to do and view the world right or wrong as the controlling forces wish us to and never seem to ask a question or look for more.

Understanding how this works one has to wonder who really is deciding what we see and learn and what we are not being told. I would think that the reality of truth about most things on this planet and in our universe are at best only partly told to the humans that populate this earth. I think that most of what is real and fact is hidden and kept at arms length from the masses for reasons we may never understand. I just cannot help wonder why we as a species have been so easily controlled and are so willingly kept in the dark.

For a while it seemed the world of UFO sightings and Alien interactions with mankind was going to make some headway. It seemed as if lots of new and interesting things were being written about and observed. Many credible people were starting to come forward with solid sightings and encounters. It seemed to be heading to a place where this subject matter could be discussed with logic and considered with a science eye. Finally it seemed we were heading towards an awareness that the paranormal was just science we did not yet understand.

I began to sense a change. I was not sure why. It may have been the economy and strain of the world’s condition. I could not pin point the exact reasons but I started to notice a decline in the forward movement of the world of the paranormal.

I noticed that the gusto of reaching for answers to the questions of the unknown seemed to diminish. Maybe it is the recessionary times we are dealing with that has reversed our interests in subjects of the unknown to those more pressing in the world.

I noticed less activity on the Internet in paranormal areas that previously were popular and busy. I noticed sites closing and those who were involved in the paranormal missing from the paranormal scene. I watched and realized that like all things in the universe this subject seemed to be entering another cycle and this time is was moving backwards instead of ahead.

I worked for years to bring forward reports of UFO’s, visiting aliens, abductions, as well as other unknown areas that remain unexplained, into the light. I tried hard to make this an area we could begin to understand and realize as real and happening to many on this earth. It was time we removed our minds from the control of those who would like to continue on keeping us all ignorant about the unknown. It is clear we need to move away from being trained NOT to think about these subjects. It is time we stop believing, laugh or follow what we are told concerning them. For awhile it seemed we were moving closer to wanting to know more about who we are, who visits us and what our role in the universe may be.

Talking to many who have had real sightings and real encounters with beings that were not human has been a remarkable experience. Writing about it has been my attempt to drag the human race out of the their brain dead Dark Age thinking concerning these matters and into the realization they need to educate them selves to what is going on around them.

As I dug deeper into the world of the unknown I knew it was only time before many people out there would also encounter things they did not understand and were completely ill equipped to deal with. The only tools any of us have are the knowledge we obtain and our ability to use that knowledge. Mankind has had the knowledge needed for them to handle the world of the paranormal taken from them and controlled by way of mass ignorance or media brain washing. We as a species have willingly walked our selves off the cliff by refusing to demand education on matters of the unknown by sitting in fogged stupors laughing and drooling over the next big scary movie to come by.

We were on the edge of understanding the world of UFO sightings, alien encounters with visiting beings plus many other experiences we do not understand. We were beginning to move ahead and then- it turned around.

I noticed the Internet chat rooms that once were full of paranormal rooms with bright conversation end abruptly about 6 months ago. Many rooms simply no longer exist. The bright people who once held interesting conversations disappeared. Some say it was due to the difficulty of dealing with so many disrupting vulgar chatters. People now have less time as they deal with the obligations of our times. Others told me that the fakes and frauds of lonely silly people making up fake stories started to sour things for those with real encounters. I think it was a combination of it all.

Things seemed to be slowing down and people seemed to be doing other things, all which is understandable during these strained economic times. I would have thought little of it and would have figured we would once again find our footing with the unknown once times stabilize across the world. I would have let it go at that until one big wrench after the other got thrown into the game. Again – the media started to force feed us entertaining movies that take the subjects of the unknown and place them firmly into a place where we can all keep them pushed aside and locked into the world of make believe fantasy. A convenient way to defuse any real need to know about these subjects and package them into comic book level sci- fi fantasy. It is a good way to remove it from the publics mind as anything serious or real. Simply throw a bunch of scary movies at them and it all neatly gets classed as a tickle and a giggle.

It was just too convenient in my minds eye. It was just too coincidental. All of a sudden we are once again flooded with new movies, TV shows and entertainment making all that we struggled so hard to bring into a modern light of understanding smack back into the world of fantasy fun viewing pleasure. What a perfect way to take the seriousness out of the unknown. Simply show them a movie and the world immediately turns that subject into a fun good show and continue on their way of continued brain freeze and ignorance about the very things they need to be educated about.

How convenient that just when we were making our way to understanding what the crafts may be that are seen all over the world by people each and every day, how convenient that when these sightings seem to be everywhere so are the trailers for the new Alien movie’ District Nine,’ among many others.

I noticed that vampires are everywhere with at least four movies and shows on the subject showing this summer. I looked at the new movies releasing to find Planet 51, Alien Attic, 2012, 9- a cartoon end of the world flick (how better to take the real fear out of a subject- simply cartoon it) not to mention a list of others coming this fall that take the serious subject of who and what and why we are being visited on earth and turning it all into great science fiction fantasy films.

How cleaver and easy it is to control the masses concerning these subjects. All that is needed is to feed our gluttonous need for constant mind numbing entertainment by turning the serious into fantasy. It relieves the need to explain these subjects as true events and continues the road of brain washing by continuing our path of Dark Age thinking. All that needs to be done is to take subjects that frighten humans and make them fun filled flicks!

I wish this were not true however if this was not the case we would stop the dumbing down of our logic by not accepting what is thrown at us about subjects that are without question. We know that sightings and strange encounters with non human beings are going on all around us and increasing in number. The question is why we are so blasé about it

I wonder why those in control do not simply have Hollywood or HBO make a great comedy about the economy or health care? They use it to control the subjects of the unknown, why not all serious matters? Make us yell in entertaining glee or laugh and it all goes away!

I guess it is far easier to slide back to the old comfort of not having to think about these things keeping them fun and fantasy. I must say I find this reaction at this point in time some of the strangest actions of mankind. It seems to be our way to take ten steps ahead and then five back.

As a society we are at the point where we do understand that the universe is a huge mystery that the best and brightest are yet to comprehend. Ask any scientist exactly what a black hole is, what is at its end, or why every galaxy seems to have them in their centers and they will tell you they do not know. They know they exist but are not really sure past that point. They understand a great deal and understand they also have a great deal yet to learn. The answers to so many things are in our future, which seems far away at times we back track instead of forging ahead.

The same thinking surrounds the subjects of UFO’s and the beings that visit us who are not human. It is hard to continue on this ridiculous road of denial concerning these issues yet we constantly slide back to a start point where comfort and fear seems to over ride logic and progress.

As long as we step over these subjects, allow them to be constantly used as a base for fantasy and fiction without any regard to truth or reality we will stay forever locked in the unknown.

As long as silly lonely people with too much time on their hands continue to use this subject matter as a road for attention- we will stay locked in the unknown. Until we stop trying to use this as silly entertainment only- we will stay locked in fantasy movie land and ignorant of that which we do not know. The paranormal is science we are yet to understand. It is not anything more or less. The only thing holding us back from the rest of the universe is our mind numbing attitudes concerning these unknown facts that we seem simply terrified to face or understand.

Of course there are reasons we are pushed into brain washed thinking of the paranormal as movie bait and horror show batter. I am sure it is far easier to keep mankind in the dark concerning these subjects. I am also aware of the fact that it may be our visitors who request that we stay unaware and in the dark concerning their actions and presence. Lets face it, it is far easier to abduct, use, abuse and then dump a human if no one believes it truly happens. It is getting to the point that so many people in this world have seen our visitors or had to deal first hand with them that the charade of deceit will only be able to hold for so long.

The bottom line here is as long as we let subjects that may one day be life or death events continue as entertainment fantasy, the harder life will be for mankind ahead.

Aliens exist. UFO’s are seen all over the world. 2011- 2015 may be a rough time on this planet. Isn’t it pathetic we refuse to face or educate our selves, refuse to want to have the knowledge we may need concerning these subjects and instead want to sit with the convenient coincidence of all these subjects watered down into a great new movie we can quickly forget? I find this sad and frightening for us all.

Are we really so easily lied to and controlled? Remember when you yawn your way past those who try to explain to you that the subjects of the unknown are real and coming – consider with care- if you really want to continue treating it all like this weeks new comic strip. It may be a decision that will truly have you laugh to death one day!

I will continue to try to reach the world with logic that the unknown is here and you may indeed be the next to come face to face with the unknown eyes of a non human creature on a lonely dark road. Gee if you make it through your encounter alive maybe they can make a great fun filled movie about your terrifying ordeal!

Be careful out there even after seeing the next great mega hit sci fi flick- who knows what really will be waiting for you in the dark night of that huge parking field!

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