Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Out of this World is Hiding in That Cloud?

I had an interesting talk today with a friend who is renting a vacation house on Fire Island this summer. Fire Island is a fantastic Island separate from the main land of Long Island New York. Fire Island is used as a vacation land for many New Yorkers. It is only accessible by boat or small water landing planes.

It is a thin island lined with small beach towns with summer homes connected by boardwalks making small hamlets along the beachfront.

At night all one can see is miles of ocean ahead of you and endless stars over you. I try to visit Fire Island during the summer months. With my friend staying there this year I decided to take a ferry over before the crowds hit for vacation time.

During my visit my friend told me of a strange sighting he had a few weeks before of something over the ocean hanging in the sky like a huge cone of cotton candy.

He was walking his dog along the beach on one of the few days it was not raining when he noticed a cloud that was much lower then the others hovering out over the ocean. He told me that the cloud was much whiter and brighter then the other clouds.

He noticed it was not moving along with the wind, as the rest of the clouds were that were much higher then this one. He told me that the cloud had a very specific shape to it that never changed either. He told me he stopped and sat down on the beach to watch this odd cloud for a while.

The cloud remained in a standard position hovering lower and lower until it was only a few hundred feet above the water line. When the cloud fell close to the ocean he could see an outline of a metal gray craft that seemed to be wrapped in cotton candy. He could clearly see that something was being cloaked behind or inside this cloud shield as it came lower and lower towards the ocean line. As he watched the craft seemed to thicken its width and density of layers of the cotton candy cloud like material.

He watched as this cloud craft object lifted slowly back up towards the other clouds now that it had become thicker and fuller completely hiding what was deep inside this cover of white cloud material. The cloud kept adding altitude until it was level with the other clouds in the sky and started to increase its speed floating away with the higher clouds until it was far out to sea and lost in the blue and white of the ocean and sky.

This is not the first time I have heard or read about the new cloud cloaking UFO’s that seem to be floating about right over our heads. I have noticed the clouds are strange on some days. I know the weather is extremely odd. I have to wonder how often this is going on directly over our heads without our noticing it. We are creatures of habit and easily distracted from our surroundings. This cloud cloaking would be a logical way to carry on as they wish right over our heads.

My friend had a very simple explanation about what he had seen. He thinks that the new cloud cloaking crafts are just the 2008-2009 models of one of our visitors. I must admit that during my life time I have watched as the typical saucer style crafts changed to being cigar shaped, then very big in size or mother ships, to triangle shapes, rectangle shaped, and of course orb and pure light in design. Recently we have had videos and photos of crafts releasing or discharging some type of light substance as they hovered overhead.

I realize that there are most likely many different types of beings visiting our planet and do not expect the beings or the crafts they use to all be one style or design. I also realize we have been viewing these visitors over many years. We have gone from the horse and wagon to SUV’s and hybrids. I am sure our visitor’s crafts have advanced and changed as well.

I think the one thing that seems to stay stationary between earthlings and our visiting neighbors is that they want to remain anonymous and at arms length with most of us who populate this earth. They obviously like to observe us but always hidden away or in encounters with one or a handful of us at a time. Other wise they seem to intend to stay cloaked in the clouds.

I am sure we will hear more and more about those of us who do have close encounters with our visiting neighbors but as it has been I think it will remain for a while longer at their desire and on their terms.

I will be paying close attention to the clouds this summer and hope you all will do the same. I cannot imagine what will be coming our way once their new 2010- 2012 models begin to appear overhead. I am sure it will be something beyond our imaginations or understanding. I do know they are very tricky and we will have to pick up our skills in detecting what hovers directly above us. Be careful out there and keep looking up!


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Anonymous said...

Wow, I must say I just happened on your blog, and that picture of the clouds I thought was from what I saw on the big Island of Hawai'i back in '96...
I've never seen a UFO, but the one thing I did see was a H U G E cloud that was very similar to one of the ones above. Very large and round, and just seemed to 'hang out' in that space for over an hour. It was over a 'ridge' of the island much like in the picture you have as well...Always made me wonder...There were many others on the island from different locations which saw the same thing as well.

It was an amazing year as it was also the time that the comet Hale-Bopp 'hung' in the Hawaiian sky for more than a week...

Thanks for your post!