Monday, April 20, 2009

Through Alien Eyes!

I was at a Spring Fling party with a group of friends recently. I was minding my business enjoying a bite to eat sitting in a corner with my plate resting upon my knees.

I was listening to a conversation when an obnoxious fake laugh followed by a belittling comment lifted loudly over the conversation concerning a comment someone made about a recent UFO sighting recently seen over the ocean.

The loud scoffing man made the woman who brought up the UFO sighting feel humiliated and she immediately backed down. It was a scene that plays out over and over all over the world by those who experience these events and the dunder heads that refuse to accept or understand the world and space they live in.

I usually take dunder heads to task who do this to those who have a healthy curiosity about their environment but this night I just continued to enjoy the snacks on my plate. . I made this decision frankly as I had met the loud mouth who was insulting this woman before and knew I had a better chance of finding intelligent life in the wooden chair I was sitting on. So I kept chewing.

A friend of mine who also heard the rude exchange over the UFO remark sat down next to me as I continued to taste my assorted snacks. She leaned over and whispered to me -

" Can you imagine what the aliens must think of us, honestly we are so dumb- we must give them a real laugh”. My friend then gave me pat on the arm and got up and went back to the party. I thought about her comment and knew she was never more right about anything than she was with that remark.

Years ago I knew a writer who told me of an experience she had that she called her ‘Mission in Life Event'. This writer was a lost time and abductee survivor who I met at a small gathering of people who had shared similar experiences in my area.

This group of experiencers was only able to meet a few times before the members split apart due to re- locations, illness and other normal life happenings. During the meetings I was fortunate enough to attend I often spoke with this woman who was the retired writer.

She told me she was going to come out of retirement and write about her opinions of where our society was heading. She told me it was not really her own idea but that of the aliens she encountered who suggested strongly that she should do this.

I was extremely curious to what she had to say as I found her to be a level headed extremely intelligent woman and really wanted to know what her abductors had directed her to write about.

She was a bit reluctant to tell me the details of her experiences but did admit that the aliens she had encountered where not happy with the course the human race was taking. She told me they felt we were far to violent as well as ignorant compared to other life forms in our universe. She added that a main reason the visiting Aliens keep us at arms length is the fact we are so naturally violent and primitive. She claimed they had been visiting for a very long time but did not see any great headway in our becoming less aggressive and warlike. She claimed the aliens suggested strongly to her that we have to start to take control of our own fate and people like her were being asked to start taking action by talking or in her case writing in order to reach society before it was too late.

I found my conversations with this woman very interesting. I know she started to write small articles for our local town papers on the condition of the human race. However I moved to another state shortly thereafter and lost all contact with this woman. I found out that she passed away a few years after we had that conversation but never did forget what she told me.

I think about the enormous differences in technology and science that stand between our civilization and those advanced enough to visit us. We are barely able to move beyond our own back yard as we now begin to reach out to space in our own solar system.

I cannot begin to conceive of how advanced those who freely travel the universe must be compared to us. I have been a long time believer that much of the technology we have developed came by way of a helping hand of these advanced civilizations.

Considering the idea they may view us as primitive killers may be the reason we are given a helping hand with our technical advancement in small increments. I am sure seeing how we behave towards our fellow humans has them concerned. They must wonder how we would get along with the rest of the universe if given the ability to reach them! I believe that is why although we have made incredible advancements in the last hundred years we are still keep in the dark concerning the entire Alien activity and or agenda on planet Earth.

I often wonder if we are the lowest level of intelligent life in the cosmos or if there are cave men or tribes somewhere else giving us at least one foot up on the ladder of intelligent life forms? I wonder about these things more and more as I watch the news each day. I also wonder how many other life forms also struggle with the same killing instincts that take place with mankind. I wonder often what we would do as a species if we were forced to face and fight other beings for this planet. Would we be able to stop fighting each other in order to save our own kind from another form of life?

I wonder how we must look to others viewing our world as they watch us in a constant state of conflict, war and hate. I feel embarrassed for mankind as I learn of the last attack or bombing, last horrific murder of a child or group shooting of some nut that decides to wake up and kill those around him over his bad grades or language difficulties at work.

I visit the Internet and listen to groups of fellow humans spewing long sickening rants of hatred about every subject from religion to politics and beyond. We seem to have evolved into a mass of hate filled ranting foul animals that want only to attack scream and demand instant gratification. Somewhere along the line we lost our ability to think or want to work for a better life, world for our children or continuation as a species. Can you imagine what those who are able to visit us from other places in this universe must think of us?

I watched Michio Kaku give an interview on a TV news show. He talked about how we are just now starting to understand and develop the science to use teleportation, like in Star Trek. as a real concept. He talked about our entering this area of science but also made it clear that it may be decades before we are able to fully understand or use this as a working method of moving objects through space.

I have listened to and spoken with enough humans to know that many have no idea we are entering this type area of advanced science. Many humans have little or no understanding of their own solar system or galaxy much less teleportation of matter in the fashion of Captain Kirk! I find it very hard to imagine that with us being so behind those that are visiting us technology wise that we have much chance of being considered more than a passing colorful primitive planet. We are the same to ET as we would be to a planet that is covered in rain forest and populated with dinosaurs or cave men. We may be an interesting view out a porthole window- but not a place to want to spend the night.

I do not know if with the advancement of technology comes a decrease of violence and hate. I do know that I have been told on my own journey through the paranormal by more than one person that have had encounters with other life forms that we are considered a highly dangerous species.

I am sure that many areas of this universe have species that also are violent and considered dangerous. I doubt we are alone with that title. I am sure there are many others who have evolved past those aggressions and watch in curiosity those who continue to struggle.

However I cannot help wish we were one of the civilizations of the cosmos that were able to climb past our barbaric and uncivil ways. I think that type of civilization would be a much better world to experience life. That is just my opinion, as I have grown tired and weary of both the hate and violence. It disgusts and shames me.

I think we can all imagine how we appear to Alien eyes if we are honest and truthful. I think we all can understand why becoming an active part of our civilization is not top on the alien ‘Things to Do- list ‘

Maybe years from now if we begin to rise above the killing and fighting we will become advanced enough to deserve more attention from the other advanced life forms. For now I think the aliens like things just as they are.

The Aliens visit our planet and will continue to do so at their pace. They will continue to examine and interact with us on their terms. I realize that we are being visited and abducted for reasons known only to those taking us. I also think that this may not change until we change. I see no reasons for them to increase contact with us as they seem to come and go as they please. They abduct us when needed and keep us firmly kept in the dark to more information or contact with them. I do not think we are as important to the Aliens as we seem to think we are. They come and go, take and toss back what and whom they want. I do not think we are very important members of the cosmos at this point in time. I believe they deal with us for whatever reasons they may need. Past that I think most visiting life forms look at us- shake their heads and move on. I do not think they are anxious to join the civilization of man until we stop being our own worst enemy.

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Liara Covert said...

Different creatures sense that human beings are their own worst enemy. Humans with a certain level of awareness also notice this about themselves. Yet, not every human believes he has power or energy to change the destructive course of humanity on a wider scale. Although some humans are known to create and destroy without choosing to be aware of the wider impact and implications, this does not mean the process ir irreversible. A wrinkle in time is opening and offering new options.