Sunday, July 6, 2008

On Binnall of America This Week

On Binnall of America, we have Lesley’s newest Grey Matters article, UFO Flaps and the Media. In it she talks about the UK’s current UFO flap. I agree that not only the UK, but that UFO sighting reports have been increasing worldwide lately.

I also like Richard Thomas’s article for Room 101: The Sea Devils' Triangle: Is The Bermuda Triangle A Good Place For an "Alien" Base? How can you resist liking a writer who manages to tie in Dr. Who with the Bermuda Triangle?

Great news too regarding Binnall’s audio: this week’s guest is Linda Moultan Howe! (should be up late today or Monday, according to Lesley’s post at her Debris Field blog.) AND, as if that isn’t enough, the season finale is with Jacques Vallee! Yes! My god! I know! Too much. As always, Tim gets the most amazing guests.

Lots of other good stuff, as always, over there! Be sure to check out BOA regularly, for new articles, message board stuff, and the latest podcasts.

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