Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I posted this at The Orange Orb as well, but want to promote the podcast with Vallee as well as help Tim with donations, so I'm posting it here as well.

Tim Binnall finished out Season III in a huge way; interview with the incomparable Jacques Vallee. Amazing, astounding, fantastic! Good for Tim, and that's good for us.

Tim started off the interview with a very brief bit of practicality: Binnall Audio is in the red, donate something. Listen, Tim brings all of us very fine interviews with the big names in esoterica, and it’s all for free. He’s one of the best interviewers in pod cast land. As Tim said, “No donation is too small” so whatever you can contribute, just go here and give what you can.

On to the interview. What I love is what they got to right off; Vallee said he “still doesn’t know” what UFOs are; Tim concurred, in his usual dry style, that “none of us do, though some think they know.” So true!

I’m not going to recap the entire interview here; you’ll need to listen to it yourself. But some points were made that resonated with me and I’ll just share them.

Of course they discussed the ETH, which Vallee is “against” but it’s not so simple. Vallee says that it may be that the ETH is part of the phenomena, but that the UFO phenomena, as a whole, is more than that. That’s an important distinction. I hope I did that justice.

In other words, any theory, Vallee says, has to explain everything about UFOs, which the ETH doesn’t do.

Vallee described one case he investigated, where the witnesses were disoriented as to the direction of the UFO. This is because witnesses who’ve had close encounters are in “a field of some kind” that causes this to happen. This is what happened to me and my husband in one case. Screen memory, cover memory, missing time and, to this day, arguments between us about the memory of the direction of not only the UFO, but us. I insist we were traveling East, seeing the UFO a mile west of our house, JIm insists we were traveling West, seeing the UFO. . . well, he’s not sure. Hmmm...Were we in “a field” of some kind that altered our perceptions? Certainly possible. Damn likely, given all the other high strangeness surrounding that sighting.

I had to laugh when Vallee said that there are many good researchers who want nothing to do with the internet UFO community, mainly due to the “insults” that are flung about. Hello, are you listening? You all know who you are. Knock it off.

Ah, I love this; the UFO phenomena purposely “hides itself” in order to push away science. As we well know.

And this: Occam’s Razor ust doesn't work when dealing with the UFO phenomena. I love it! VAllee pointed out that he “likes Occams’ Razor,” but when it comes to UFOs, it doesn’t work. Such a simple tool for such a complex phenomena.

Oh, there’s so much more and I only glossed over, in simplistic terms, some of what Vallee said. Just listen to the interview, and donate something to BOA!

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