Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Official Western Oregon Rep for L.O.W.F.I.

Edited to add that Lesley is the New Mexico rep!

That's me. Your friendly official rep for LOWFI. I'm not sure what that means yet, but it's a cool banner and Skylaire Alfvegren, who started this whole thing and is the Queen Fortean, is astounding. Really, that's all any of us need to know.

SMiles Lewis is Texas Rep for LOWFI, which is good news!

More to come, as it comes. . . in the meantime, here's the official press release:
L.O.W.F.I. is a research-based, journal-publishing band of urbane explorers with interests in:

all shades of the paranormal, UFOs and unexplained aerial phenomena, cryptozoology and unknown animals, synchronicity and coincidence, religious cults, mass hysteria, giants and the ‘little people,’ inter/extra-dimensional visitors, oddball philosophies, evidence of pre-Columbian visitations to the southwest and other archaeological ‘anomalies,’ lost continents and vanished civilizations, spontaneous human combustion, sky falls, scientific hoaxes, earth energy/ley lines, conspiracies and enigmas, kooks and prophets, the people, places and events which make our corner of the world weird.

L.O.W.F.I. seeks to provide a clearinghouse for reports of such phenomena which will be archived and made available to the public, via a website (www.skylaire.com/lowfi.htm). We organize informal monthly salons and field trips and host visiting lecturers in an attempt to open lines of communication and create a sense of camaraderie amongst modern-day phenomenologists. Plans to publish a ganglia-tickling bi-monthly journal are in the works… but we need your support!

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