Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tara Hauki and a Bigfoot Trek

Read about the strangeness that can go on in anomalous research that has nothing to do with the unknown, and everything to do with the known on Tara Hauki's experiences with Jon Erik Beckjord.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

NOte there is often a tendancy with women's sites to assume at in any dispute, the man is wrong and the woman is right, and a victim.

However here, I was not the boy friend of this woman, and we had no domestic situation at home, and we never lived together or in the same town.

In fact, a second woman was to join us and at the last minute, did not.

Basically, and you can see this from her wiki site, by how she writes,etc, she is insane, and she does admit this. My error was in bringing her at all.

Her middle name is trouble.

Ask me more - 925-385-0422

Erik Beckjord

Tara said...

This is Tara hauki and I would very much like to discuss my experiences on line. I made a gigantic mistake trusting this man, and according to other proffessionals I have talked to who are interested in the story say that I am very lucky. They sat from the way he writes and from what he says that he is more than likely one who could have really hurt me. He scared me bad enough to send me into survival gear. It was'nt fun and I am glad I am safe, never mind the slander. The guy is sick and no one should go with him into the woods, or on his boat...or anywhere.

Thank you so much. Please continue this as a warning. I really screwed up trusting him and I hope others can learn from my mistakes.