Saturday, December 6, 2014

What Aging Women Want Most That Money Can't Buy?Iris Krasnow

What Aging Women Want Most That Money Can't Buy Iris Krasnow: This is the definition of my brand of feminism -- to gain independence and self-esteem from decisions that make a woman feel her most powerful and most real, and not allow others to shape or define her. The word "feminist" is not scary; it means "let me be" and many men claim to be feminists too.

What women don't want is to be judged on any front.

I like it.

There's a whole other area here that isn't being addressed, and many women just past menopause know exactly what I'm talking about. But that's for another day.

I'd also add: to be left alone. Just leave me alone. Don't tell me, give me a list of shoulds and expectations, treat me like I'm a child when I'm old enough to be your mother, if not your grandmother, or treat me as if I'm invisible because I'm over fifty.

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