Saturday, January 26, 2013

Skinwalker Ranch Dire Wolf Synchronicity

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Reading Whitley Strieber's fictional work, Beyond 2012, the Omega Point. Just read the part where a character is writing in his journal about events and "time movement." He mentions the Skinwalker ranch in Utah, specifically, the wolf like creature that was seen there:

"...I recognized the animal to be a dire wolf. .. the dire world was rendered extinct by... the last Ice Age. And yet, here it was on this ranch. I think that this animal had moved through time...there was something about the place... in its own time, this animal was experiencing incredible fear. Its world was collapsing... most of Utah was flooded along with the rest of the United States by rapid glacial melt. .. given pressure extreme enough and the right conditions, actual physical movement through time must be possible." (Strieber pp83-84)

Last night, listening to Coast to Coast, a female caller recommend reading Vallee, and said that the events at the Skinwalker ranch (among other unexplained encounters) was due to our imagination. Not in the sense we are making things up, but that there is another dimension, or place, where all these things exist. Opening ourselves up via imagination causes us to see these things. (That's what I got from her anyway.)

Two different takes; Strieber, via his character, suggests that time lines exist concurrently and, due to events in one time line, another time can abruptly appear. The other; that our minds somehow allow us to see these other realities, for whatever reasons, being open to the possibility among them.

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