Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sean Casteel: An Occult View of UFOs and the Paranormal

Liked this article by Sean Casteel very much --  on Maria D'Andrea, at UFO Digest:

An Occult View of UFOs and the Paranormal: As with many people who encounter the UFO phenomenon, Maria D’ Andrea’s experiences began in childhood. Maria is a native of Hungary, and in 1956, she fled along with her family from the coming tyranny of the Communist revolution raging all around her there.

“Basically,” Maria said, “I was hearing about UFOs at that point because, when we were escaping, every now and then people would look up and look for them. We were used to hearing about them.”

It was also around the young age of eleven or twelve that Maria had her first personal UFO experience.
“I was going out-of-body,” she explained. “It wasn’t a physical experience. It was through astral travel.

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