Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lesley: "Cult of Pet Haters!"

Lesley's new Grey Matters column for Tim Binnall's site is now available, and as always, it's a good one. Lesley writes about the "pet haters" in Billy Meier's cult. I agree with everything Lesley has to say:Cult of Pet Haters! I'll just add that, even if it's all true -- Meier is absolutely truthful and his ETs are real and their messages are the real deal -- they can all take a long walk on a short pier. Just because they say something doesnt mean we have to like it, agree with it, or believe in them and follow them on their psycho paths. Okay, a bit of a rant there, but read the article for yourself and be sure to read the other great articles while you're there. And be sure to check out the podcasts too!

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Lesley said...

Thanks Regan! Totally agree with your add!