Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gary Haden: The Hyperbolic Chamger: Bozotopia, Or Don't Blame the Clowns for What the Circus Did to Them

Another stunningly excellent article by Gary Haden on David Jacobs academic UFO research meltdown, and Emma Woods: The Hyperbolic Chamber: Bozotopia, Or Don't Blame the Clowns for What the Circus Did to Them. The comments, many from Emma Woods, and others mentioned in Gary's post, are as much a part of the article as Haden's content, so be sure to read those as well.

I left a comment over there, remarking that I still find it astounding that so few in UFO Land are actively discussing this, and, worse, among those that are, many are defending Jacobs, seeing him as victim, misunderstood, a person stalked by an obsessive, mentally unbalanced female. It is simply unbelievable.

Aside from Gary Haden, UFO Magazine, in its current issue, has addressed this, with, among others, an excellent article by Jeremy Vaeni. Vaeni and Jeff Ritzmann have been discussing this since the beginning, and, given a place for Emma Woods to speak. (See the Paratopia list feed for episodes.) Researcher Raymond Fowler has left a few encouraging post at UFO Magazine's blog.

But overall, the majority of voices out there remain silent, or give the aura of boredom surrounding this.

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Jeremy Vaeni said...

"...or give the aura of boredom surrounding this."

Yes, that's it! That's been the thing bugging me lately is the "Can we move on?" attitude. Move on?--We haven't even dealt with this yet.

To deal with it is to risk unraveling a bunch of alien narratives we've constructed our beliefs around for the better part of 30 years. Not too many people are brave enough to challenge themselves thus. I wish more people would realize that to say "we were wrong" or "we were duped" isn't to say that we wasted our time and energy for 30 years. No, the enigma is the enigma and it's been the undercurrent of a lot of thought and energy applied to it from numerous angles throughout history.

This is all a part of it. Is that because of the way it works? Or the way we work? Or both?