Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP Updates on Octopus Confessional

It seems that daily, at least once a day, comes more news of what BP, and our own government, are doing in the Gulf of Mexico. BP's take over of that part of the country, several U.S. governmental agencies at BP's bidding, acting as BP's personal and very private security force, continued denied access to media -- and politicians -- the strangely silent and absent presence of the British government, the heavy handed (and illegal) tactics used against the local citizenry . . . all these, and so much more, are on-going assaults against not only our country, but the planet.

I've been updating and commenting as I am able on my blog Octopus Confessional. Or, of course, you can enter "oil spill," or other like minded combinations of terms on Google, and that will give you the pop-up links at the top to the BP site, where they have utterly audacious and surreal propaganda pages on what's allegedly "really" going on. For as anyone who's been following this tragedy knows, BP has paid Google the bucks to ensure that people who type in those afore mentioned terms are led directly to the BP site. And if you don't like my blog, fine, there are plenty of blogs, YouTube videos (like James Fox), and journalists who can give you the information.

Do something, pray, chant, mediate, blog, scream, rant, agitate, protest, send intent, focus, tell, witness, share ... something, anything, but don't, please, act as if "it isn't that bad." Because it is.

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