Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What if it is all about the Soul?

I was talking to a group of friends about the mystery of life. We were sitting on the beach looking at the Atlantic Ocean on Easter Sunday. The sky was beautiful. It was blue – bright brilliant blue, not one cloud to be found as far as the eye could see. Of course the jets arrived just before dust and rapidly started to lay down heavy chem-trails that expanded into mountains of clouds, but that is another story.

Let’s get back to our conversation about life, death and what goes on in-between. Two of my friends were discussing the idea of reincarnation, or a continued journey of the soul. I told them I heard someone talk about our true identity being a bag of thinking learning energy that is a piece of the overall universe. Humans think of it as our soul. I told my friends this theory explains we are all individual yet a part of the great universe of life. We separate away from the mother ship of overall universal life energy in to individual souls to live different existences. The theory is we venture into vessels like the human body to live out many different life experiences before moving on to our ultimate purpose where our piece of energy joins with the great over all universe energy and a higher level.

In this thinking our soul or life energy encounters many forms of life all throughout the universe until it has experienced all things possible in the universe. This journey’s purpose is a great mystery as the ultimate goal or end is hard to imagine. If this is possible and this is what our soul or life energy does – does it repeat constantly or does it hit a level when all lessons and adventures have been experienced and a higher level of the soul or life energy is achieved?

Could the entire purpose of this universe be a travel adventure for pure energy forms that use our life forms to experience material biological life events? Could we be in the kindergarten, or High School of life energy when living our human life forms? I know it is not the University of Life, all the violence of this planet surely rules that out!

The possibilities of what could be and why is beyond our limited imaginations. I do believe however with all of me as well as those sitting on that beach with me Easter that all of life and all the universe and all the energy and biology and matter in it are not a random act of mindless accident without meaning or reason. The degree of chance needed for that to be possible is I believe impossible. We are here not only on purpose but for reason. Of this I am sure.

For those of you who demand I prove that statement I say to you I will as soon as you prove I am wrong. Until that day my thinking is as probable as your thinking it is not!

For now I will continue to use whatever brain cells I can to try to understand why I am living this life on this planet in the form of a human being. I also wonder how many other life forms I have been and how many other life experiences I have lived?

While discussing these issues on that beach on Easter Sunday with my friends we stumbled on the subject of species we know once existed and strangely disappeared from this planet in the past. We wondered if the nature of the universe was more at blame for the removal of species like the Hobbits and Neanderthals as well as others we have yet to discover or understand.

Could the experiences of those who lived as Neanderthals have lost its need to be experienced by the energies (souls) of the universe? Could the extinction of the Neanderthals been caused by the fact that the life experience of being a Neanderthal was simply no longer needed by the souls or energy that roams our Universe?

Did the controlling wisdom of all life in the Universe decide that the experience of the Neanderthal life or Hobbits simply no longer be needed and remove them as a option from the menu of offered life forms?

Can that be why we are now being told that blue eyed- in fact all light skinned humans are now in full decline with a zero population rate and will soon be the world’s minority on its way to being extinct? Can the life events of those born in to that life experience be running its needed course in the universal life chain of creatures to experience by the energy forms that make up our universe?

I often wonder if all life is simply a suit to wear, a vessel to travel in during our tour of duty in what we need to experience. Are we mere balloons that contain our energy, our life force, our souls? It would explain why the miracle of life needs that electric charge to begin our journey to develop into a life form from nothing more than a bit of non living material. The spark of life is in my eyes the biggest mystery of all. Could we move our spark from creature to creature from human to a being on a distant planet as an alien and back again in order to live and experience all that this universe has to offer?

I have to admit I always thought the truth of this universe was far bigger than anything we could ever imagine. I know that we are not alone. I know this universe is teaming with life in many forms, colors and flavors. We are only one small part of something that is enormous maybe never ending.

The monster of all questions concerning life, and our universe has to be that which asks what is past our universe? If it is other universes what is past that? What is the end – or the beginning of everything? This is the question of life- the question of why we all exist. Are we a one shot accident of little meaning or are we a wandering energy , a soul and part of something much greater?

Knowing these things are far beyond my ability to answer and my questions limited due to my limits as a human. I can only hope somehow some day we all understand why we live, why we exist, why we sit on beautiful beaches on the middle of chaotic planet wondering the why of it all?

I will try my best to live as well as I can and do the best I can in this vessel of human flesh I fall asleep in and wake up inside of each day of my human life. I think riding through this life being a kind and good person a safe road to a better experience if by chance any of these theories are true or possible. I plan to stay on the high road . I would hate to find my next road living as a giant alien dung eating monster on a faraway planet filled with other dung eating monsters . I would imagine that could very well be the fate for those who are the unkind hate filled humans on this planet. You may want to consider that idea next time you interact with your fellow humans this trip around!

For now, keep thinking and always pay attention to your surroundings and the reasons you may be living in your human form on this planet on this very day!

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