Sunday, February 7, 2010

New WOE Contributor Anya

Anya has joined us at Women of Esoterica!  Thank you Anya for joining us. Anya is a psychic, and well, much more . . . visit her blog
Anya Is A Channel You can find her here as well.

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Kithra said...

Welcome, Anya. I look forward to reading your contributions to WOE.

And, mentioning contributions, I know that I haven't contributed anything for quite a long while. But, although I add to my own blog occasionally, I have a really hard time thinking of anything to write about :)

Kithra said...
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Regan Lee said...

Your contributions are always appreciated! It doesn't matter if they are frequent or not; what matters is the content, which is always interesting and well presented, and thank you!

Kithra said...

Thank you for those very kind words, Regan. Keep up the good work, which I read every day. And, although I update my own blog I'm not always sure that what I write about there would be relevant here.

Btw: I deleted my previous post because I somehow managed to post the same reply twice. I must have been having yet another senior moment, lol.

Anya said...

Wow, thank you so much for the kind welcome, Regan! I do appreciate it, I am overwhelmed by your kindness. I do look forward to making yours and everyone's acquaintance here as well, and yes, lol, as soon as I get some articles going, I am sure I (with my guides of course) will provide some interesting material (knock on wood). And hello Kithra! I like the Kirelian(sp?) photography in your profile pic!

Love and light!


Mike Clelland! said...

Big Congratulations all around.

Anya has a lot to say, and it's deeply engaging stuff. Women communicate differently than men, and that's GOOD! I think this is a cool outlet for a very different "voice" than us guys.