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Step Out of the Darkness Enter 2010

I know that most topics considered Paranormal or not understood by today’s science are immediately rejected by society. There is little or no debate. There is little or no consideration. There is only immediate rejection. That rejection is why we only hear a small percent of what goes on around us.

We continue to remain blind and ignorant to most topics in the world of the paranormal. It is without question a choice that people make to completely reject all things unknown. It is a brainwashed learned reaction to subjects that we have been trained like monkeys to ignore, reject or find humorous.

I find this trained behavior dangerous and sad .It is a long term learned reaction that we allow instead of demanding education , investigation and truth. I have to sit and wonder why people feel betrayed by politicians, or any popular brain fed situations going on in the world when we are dragged about by the nose so easily by most things we have little or no knowledge of? Whatever we are told we simply swallow.

It will be interesting to see how a society that is so easily manipulated will react as many subjects considered paranormal become known understood events . What will those who laugh and insult people who have seen a UFO or alien do if they see one of their own? What if UFO’s and visitors are part of our near global future? What will they do with their ridicule and laughter then? I now understand what those who tried to teach society that the world was not flat went through!

As 2009 closes and 2010 enters our life I do see a change in the types of articles being reported on the Internet. Clearly those who have seen things in real time are coming forward with solid reports, photos and videos of things that are not easily explained away.

The days of silly people spinning ridiculous stories of little men living under their bed who take them on Disney like rides through the cosmos are less and those who have come face to face with the real unknown are increased. To this I am grateful and hopeful.

Due to the Internet, cell phone cameras and videos easily available to the public worldwide we are finding many credible reliable reports coming forth. As the people of the world find that they are experiencing the unknown personally they also are finding that they have been following and swallowing a brainwashed view. I have written before that the paranormal is hilarious until it happens to you!

As we march forward into the future I am finding the old methods of paranormal investigation are also coming under inspection and question.

I am noticing increased articles concerning the long standing yet small world of reporting sites available for those having encounters or sightings. It seems the public is aware that not enough is being done nor are there enough qualified hands to investigate and gather information properly in the area of the paranormal.

I am reading about those who were ignored when trying to report a sighting or confused when treated in a way that made them feel uncomfortable. This is a dangerous area for our advancement as we have limited options available to report events. If the few avenues we do have fail it could keep us forever in the dark ages concerning the paranormal.

I realize this is a problem as personally I have tried to report events that were ignored. I tried to join in abduction investigations and again I was completely ignored. A response like that can be devastating for those trying to do the right thing by reporting what they endured or encountered. I think it is a red flag our systems for whatever reasons are failing.

I understand that those trying to handle the reports may find they are now over whelmed and unable to handle the volume of reports coming in. I also realize many reports may lack a credible base. It is obvious our old systems of handling these things are antiquated and need to be over hauled, expanded and given a structure so all events can be reported, listed for research and given the respect and attention they have needed for a very long time.

It is long over due for the sake of mankind that the Dark Ages end concerning the subjects of the paranormal. We as a society need to fully understand we have been manipulated, trained and brainwashed to act like fools when anything unknown is talked about or reported. We need to stand up and demand more, to be treated like thinking beings and to stop being controlled instead of educated.

Do you really want to be the next to turn around one night in a dark parking lot or backyard and find yourself face to face with a craft, ray or being that is completely unknown to you? Do you want to be the next to endure who knows what to find yourself who knows where disoriented and possibly hurt only to be told you’re a drunk, a nut or a liar?

If you are one of the people who ridicule loudly in obnoxious ignorance ‘ no no no’ that never happened, to those who have endured a paranormal event, then you may be the next to face that same reaction when it is your turn to face the unknown.

Is that truly how you wish to figure out what is and what you’re been told are two different things? Wouldn’t educating yourself to ideas by way of those who have experience the unknown work out more to your advantage ? Consider these things if you find you are the one looking at a UFO right over your head!

This past holiday season I had two completely different experiences with two different groups of people. One saddened me and made me shake my head in disgust and despair. The other gave me a slight degree of hope we may be making our way out of the Dark towards the light of awareness.

During Christmas week I went to a few holiday parties. At two of the parties the subject of the paranormal came up. At one party a group of people were talking about an event that occurred where a psychic was involved. I knew of the case as it was without question the most documented case of ability by someone who could see the future I had ever seen.

The case was clearly one of a gifted psychic seeing an event before it happened but not soon enough to stop it. It was a terrible event where someone was murdered and the case was never solved.

The family involved was at this party and the case was being discussed . Sadly two idiots were also at the party. Loudly they both interrupted the conversation concerning this case to ridicule those talking about it that there are no such thing as psychics. Of course they did not have any basis of why they refused to consider psychic ability other then they fact they did not want to believe it.

To my horror the two idiots then went about accusing the murder victim of all kinds of immoral things, destroying the victims character and insulting the family involved. Again the idiots had not one thread of evidence of what they were saying but went about their assault loudly and proudly.

I wanted to take the idiots to task but knew it was not the time or place. I also waited to see how the family members of the murder victim and friends of the psychic involved were going to deal with the attack of the two idiots. I knew it was not my place to step over their wishes but was ready and willing to come to their aid if they were going to deal with the two idiots at hand.

The family sat silently and the party simply dried up and ended. It was a perfect example of what those who deal with the unknown are forced to go through when faced against fools who never had nor consider they ever will have a paranormal experience.

The two idiots at this party were examples of what goes on daily in society between those who have experienced unknown events and those who have not. The only excuse for the idiots of that night was obnoxious ignorance. The pain and sadness they caused to the family in this case was simply disturbing. I do hope I come face to face with the idiots of this encounter again one day on my turf and under my terms!

A few days after that encounter I went to another Holiday party. Once again the subject of the paranormal came into the conversation. A group of people at this party were talking about the sightings of UFO’s seen over Connecticut and the Long Island sound over the past few years. The subject came about as we were standing in front of a large window in the home of the people hosting the party that over looked the Long Island Sound. Standing in front of this window over looking the water looking at the shore lights of Connecticut gave a better insight of what it was like for the people who encountered the sightings.

The people at this party knew I often wrote about UFO’s and I had my own fair share of sightings during my lifetime. We discussed the different sightings, and the fact that it appears to be a simple fact that we are being visited. The people talking were not particularly interested in the paranormal but they were bright enough to have open minds about that which seems clearly to be taking place. One party-goer noted that is seems to be a bit ridiculous at this juncture with the amount of reports and photos around to think it is not happening. It seemed apparent to this group of people that the days of denial were soon going to be in the past. Talking with the people at this gathering gave me hope for society.

I can only hope that we as a society stop being pulled about by our noses concerning the subjects of the unknown. You can only live in the Dark Ages if you allow it. The fact that unknown crafts, odd chem-trails, strange beings, and odd weather activity exists all around you can only be laughed at or pushed aside for so long. Sooner or later the forest is going to be recognized as that group of trees right in front of our faces. We will one day come to understand the crafts zipping along over our heads are not all Chinese lanterns or space junk!

I especially hope if you come across rude ignorant fools like I did you will have the opportunity to stop them in their tracks. I know that the event of that party has me sworn not to sit in silence next time something like that happens in my presence.

It appears this may be a good year for us to start off on a new road as we march into the future. I think the lines have been drawn at long last between those who are tired of being laughed at for seeing things or encountering events others fear or reject.

So many people are now seeing crafts or encountering events or beings that are unknown that it is becoming difficult to be the one that joins the fools and their ignorance instead of questioning those with the knowledge we may need. The next time a good pal wants you to ridicule or humiliate someone who has had an incredible experience be smarter, be more evolved and refuse to be the trained monkey. Instead question the one who had the experience.

Unless you find your own road out of the darkness you will be the one sitting alone in it. The one fact that you can rely on is that the future unfolds exactly as it is suppose to around you. Staying in the darkness can not be part of that future.

I realize I can frighten or anger some people because I write about events that upset their small world or limited thinking on these subjects. I can only suggest that these people stay within the confines of that which they can handle and leave those like me alone so we can keep on walking ahead. I have no plans of living in the Dark Ages or missing that which will be the future.

I understand the unknown may be a bit uncomfortable. I also know that some things unknown may be dangerous or might hurt you, however your fear or refusal to educate yourself will not stop the future from unfolding . The more we all know the more we will be able to survive that which may come our way.

As we speed into the future we will learn that all of these things are simply part of our universe along with experiences of life we do not yet understand. Do not fear the unknown. Look to it with care and interest. The future will unfold exactly as it is suppose to. We cannot nor should we continue to walk along in darkness with blinders clued to our eyes and minds.

It is time to look to what is and stop fearing what will be. And so we walk into 2010.

Keep your eyes and minds open and ready as we step towards tomorrow and fear not our future but those who try to keep you from it.

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