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The Good The Bad and The Ugly of the Psychic Connection

I think many of you will agree with me that one of the most abused subjects considered paranormal would be psychic ability.

Over the years I have visited many Internet chat systems to find out what people are thinking and talking about. I have come across numerous chat rooms devoted to psychic readings that are filled with people waiting for the psychic of the day to give them a free reading.

Although this is a form of fun entertainment many people would sit and wait for hours for it to be their turn as the self-titled psychic went about the sad attempt of psychic fraud. To most thinking adults the ability of the so-called psychics in the public chat rooms is obviously not real or being done by anyone with any ability. It is just a place where wannabe psychics practice the con of portraying a knowing intuitive giving laughable drawn out attempts of readings to those waiting on line. If it were not so silly it would be sad.

I will say I have been in psychic reading rooms where one of these fake psychics has said dangerous things to people who were in need of help. I find this to be unforgivable behavior by those acting out the self-agenda need to pretend to have psychic ability.

As in all things in life especially on the Internet you need to understand danger lurks under many different rocks. It was clear as a sunny day that many of the so-called psychics on the Internet are practicing the old profession of con artist nonsense giving generic answers to willing people. It is a prime example to what happens to a subject like psychic ability when thrown into the soup of confusion and chaos known as the World Wide Web.

Since all of this goes on for free and no one seems to take it too seriously I do not feel it is too dangerous or immoral. I do think the second someone takes what these Internet carpetbaggers say seriously or forms a life decision by way of a reading- a line then gets crossed. Until that occurs the psychic chat rooms continue to be fun entertainment and little more.

Like many who use the paranormal as a stage for selling their goods or filling personal agenda’s psychic ability has sadly also been dragged into the mud. I truly dislike those who dirty the path to understanding. It is as I always say the main reason we stay clued in the Dark Ages with subjects considered paranormal. That is what I consider the bad and ugly not only of the paranormal world but of the psychic world too.

Despite all that turmoil psychic ability is a real and powerful gift. It is a tool I wish we all could nurture and learn to use. I have no doubt about the fact REAL psychics walk among us. During my lifetime I have been able to know and watch real psychics with real ability use their gifts to do amazing things. That is why I so dislike the bad and ugly side of this subject.

I am sure we all have the ability to use our intuition far more then we do. I think it is a born sense we somehow lost along the way. The noise of life as we now live it may have suffocated our natural sense of how to bring our natural abilities to a usable place. The need to concentrate, meditate or simply stop and listen as the animals do to our surroundings has been lost to the fast and furious life style of modern man.

This is not the case however in those who have maintained the use of this ability. I think we are over looking and losing out on a powerful and useful ability in exchange for the loud cluttered day-to-day living that happens on a surface level. Depth of emotions and abilities within us all have been stifled and lost.

I had a very unusual experience while surfing the net. While passing along the never-ending assortment of psychic reading rooms I came across a room on the Pal talk chat system called Little flower’s Reading Room. I was extremely surprised at what I found going on in this room.

A woman was giving the people in the room readings by way of what she was being told by her guides. I knew at once this was not the average nonsense. This woman was quick. She would say what she had to say and then move on to the next person. If she did not have anything for them she would tell them. The interesting thing to me was the truth of her readings. It was not the typical prodding for information or general could be anyone type of drivel.

This lady would go directly to a subject with personal insight to each person knowing somehow real things about the people she read. She would hit facts and give advice the people may not have actually wanted to hear. This was a real psychic doing real readings.

I had to laugh, as she would become lost into what she was seeing and become very direct with the people. If they were lazy or selfish she would tell them. If the love they seek was not around the corner or with the one they wanted she would tell them. If they were wrong she told them, and if they were looking for someone to blow smoke up their reading skirts they were in the wrong room!

This was the first psychic I came across who seemed to have real ability on the Internet. I quickly went about the task of convincing Littleflower to allow me to interview her.

Littleflower told me about her life of being born into a family of psychics who from the start nurtured her abilities. Littleflower lived with those who knew how to develop and incorporate her psychic keen ability into her everyday life.

As Littleflower grew up she learned to understand and communicate with those she calls her guides. She explained to me that we all have guardian angels, guides, or spiritual counselors. The difference clearly is that Littleflower has taught herself to tap into hers and knows to listen to their knowledge and advice. We could do the same. Maybe some of us do- do the same but not on the advanced level that Littleflower is capable of.

We all have been pushed, sensed that little voice that warns us or lean us towards certain decisions in our life. Some of us may even ask for guidance and try to feel the answers when making our own way on the road of life. Littleflower has crossed that line of division between her guides or angels and has an open door relationship where she asks them advice and understands when they reply. I am sure many will have doubts about what I am saying. I simply chose to believe in Littleflowers ability by way of watching her work as well as talking to her about my own private matters.

I talked to Littleflower about my feelings concerning the frauds and fakes of the Internet. She agreed with me and explained that she was retired but was being pushed by her own guides to return to the public and to do her work while she can as the world is truly in need of all the help it can get.

Littleflower once again is using her ability to answer what questions she can or help people however she can. She continues to open her room on Pal talk when she is able and is thinking about being a guest on a few of the Internet Radio shows where people can call in and ask for her advice on a subject. Littleflower is one of those I consider the good of the psychic world.

Of course I cannot write about this subject without mentioning two of the best psychics I have personally ever seen or known.

Bridget is a woman I went to years ago who is extremely gifted. Bridget would sit at her dining room table and ask you to count out cards or shuffle cards. While the person being read would be doing as she asked with the cards Bridget would seem to go into sort of a trance.

While in the trace you could not talk or ask questions. She would just start to talk. If she wanted to ask you a question she would however most of the time she would simply talk a non-stop stream of information.

Bridget knew names, would describe in detail a person down to what they wore. She would give you exact events that were due to happen be it good or bad and she was always right. Bridget told me names, events, and my future with an amazing degree of accuracy.

She had an amazing gift that seemed to flow through her like water. Bridget helped me to understand that seeing with our minds eye is possible and made a believer out of me. I did not like some of the predictions, warnings and information that Bridget gave me over the years. I did not always leave her happy or hearing what I had hoped to hear. I will tell you that what Bridget did tell me happened far too many times and exactly as she predicted for me to ever doubt her ability.

Lastly on my list of people of proven psychic ability would be Mildred or her preferred name Millie.

During my life experience Millie is one of the best psychics I have ever known. Millie is an unwilling psychic. Her visions are extremely detailed and complete allowing Millie to witness events fully before they happen. Millie has a lifetime of visions that have shown her catastrophes and situations that she was able to prevent or act upon in time to change the outcome.

I wrote about Millie’s experience with two murder attempts in past articles. Millie will be going along her day when suddenly she will be over taken by a powerful vision. She explains it as being at the sink in your home doing dishes one second and BAM the next your standing in the middle of a movie watching what is going on around you.

This happens to Millie often. During three of these events Millie watched as people she was acquainted with in her life were in mortal danger. Millie has watched in horror as she witnessed people she knew being murdered.

During two of the visions Millie was able to immediately call for help and did prevent two of the murders from happening. Millie was able to call for aid for one friend as the friend was in struggle with her murderer. Sending neighbors to the scene the attempted murder was stopped. The victim in this case was saved with only wounds not her life being the outcome.

Millie was able to intervene in another event just as it started by getting the police to the home of the victim by calling in a murder attempt knowing it was just about to happen. This action by Millie saved the woman in this case.

Sadly the last vision Millie had involved a relative close to Millie. The vision was a bit confusing and Millie was not able to stop the murder from happening. The horror for Millie is she watched in her vision while her relative was killed and was not able to do anything about it. She did know the location of the event. Millie also knows who committed the murder. Without direct evidence other then Millie’s word this murderer walks free to this day. Millie is at ease however as she has told us his day of judgment is soon to arrive. I know Millie will be right about this as well.

Although Millie is extremely gifted she does not enjoy or want to develop her ability because it has become a burden to her during her life. The times she was able to act in time and prevent a happening still do not out weigh the agony for Millie of when she is not in time or misses a piece of information that could have made a difference. Millie may be the most gifted psychic I have ever known yet she also is the most reluctant.

I have no idea what life must be like for Millie. I can only hope she knows that she has made a huge difference in those who lives she saved and hope she continues to use her precious ability to the side of good with the strength to continue to fight against the side of evil.

So there you have it, my thinking on the good, the bad and the ugly of the psychic connection.

One day we may all develop that which we may have lost or will soon be able to connect with our full potentials. I am sure the abilities labeled psychic are tools we will one day use as we continue on our never ending journey along the roads of our universal adventure.

If you are interested in contacting Littleflower to find out her upcoming plans you can email her at

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