Wednesday, December 10, 2008

winter remedies that really work...

Our household is thankfully just coming out of a round of winter ills; I thought I'd share some easy home remedies that I've used and written about elsewhere.

Sore throat pain eliminator:
Stick out your tongue as far as possible, trying to touch the tip of it to your chin. This is an extreme stretch; when you feel you have reached full stretch capacity, stretch it further, and then even further. You should give this all you've got. You should stretch your tongue toward your chin until you nearly gag. That's it! Usually, sore throat pain will be minimized (if not removed!) immediately. Repeat this technique every half hour until signifigant improvement is gained.
full article here

more remedies:
Staying warm with ginger
All purpose winter ills tonic


Regan Lee said...

Thanks Richell, very timely, as I'm once again suffering from winter crud. Just got over winter crud, or maybe it was just resting before coming back. My throat's been killing me ever since. . . the tongue thing works!

richelle said...

It DOES work. Pass it on. Also, I have found that if it doesn't work, it might be strep throat. Doesn't seem to work on strep pain. Glad it helps.