Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Side of The Paranormal from a Writers Seat

A good friend of mine and I went for a Hot Chocolate together today. We frequent a small Sweet Shop in the Harbor Town near by and often stop in for the best Hot Chocolate around. This friend of mine is a life long pal. We have known each other since the second grade. This friend knows me well and knew I was a bit stressed. We sat and talked awhile when my friend looked over her cup at me and said, “ So what’s eating at you?”

Knowing it would be fruitless to try to brush off my pal’s question I sat back and answered her with one word. “People”.

My friend laughed at me rolled her eyes and added, “So what else is new?” We chuckled and I started to explain to my friend the down side of my decisions to come out of my own writers closet of safe subjects and accepted articles and plunge head first into the world of the Paranormal. I knew it would be difficult. I knew it would frighten some and others would ridicule me. I knew I would be forced to protect people at the cost of my own peril. I knew all of this and thought I was prepared to finally come forward and tell the experiences I personally endured -along with the countless encounters others have shared with me.

I was not however prepared at the nasty reactions of those who have known me privately or the mean spirited nature pointed at my stepping out of the dark and into the light about things most just do not understand.

The holidays just ended. It was extremely busy this year and I was placed party after party with those I have not seen in awhile. I saw relatives and friends alike. It was a good time as I was able to visit with them all as well as a difficult one.

I discovered right away that my deciding to focus on being a full time Paranormal writer was something that hit some type of discord with all who knew me. I heard one off handed remark after the other, I was insulted and I was finding myself in one uncomfortable situation after the other. I had people I knew all my life say terrible things to me. I found a few hostile and extremely nasty- all due to the fact I was writing about things like UFO’s, Aliens and the unknown. I backed out of invitations after a few days and felt sad that so many were, well frankly, so ignorant.

I wonder how and when did so many become so close-minded and limited? I wondered how these people thought they were ever going to evolve if they turned hostile and ugly when ever subjects they had no knowledge or limited information about were brought up?

Is this the way we made our way out of the cave and into the condo? It was really astounding to listen and watch those I know turn on me over my choice to investigate, write about and bring to light subjects simply because they were uncomfortable with them. What is that about? What is this sheep like behavior of hating things unknown that seems to penetrate society? Are people truly this stunted and dumb?

I will admit that other issues may have been at play here. I love what I do. I plan to continue what I am doing until I can reach all I can. I refuse to run with packs

of fools who become nasty and mean spirited over things they do not understand or WANT to understand. I know I am determined and hard working and that may be a problem for those who aren’t. I also realize I make people uncomfortable suggesting their safe little known worlds may not be as safe or known as they wish them to be. I guess they feel if they kill the messenger the message will die too!

I am not sure what or why I was faced with such a unpleasant reaction to my decided path. I only know it was a real awakening and no matter what, I must continue doing what I am doing. If I am writing things that make this much impact on those who know me, I know I am hitting a nerve in society. I realize I should not, can not , stop even if I wanted to.

I told all of this to my pal. She sat and listened and when I had talked myself out she looked at me and said. “ That was good, go home and write it and let them know you know they are in the way”. “In the way?” I questioned her remark. “Come on, you know they are just frightened to death you may be onto stuff they don’t want to face and really mad you may be a success getting it out there.” I had to laugh at my friend as she never missed a sip of her Hot Chocolate or a bite of her brownie. She looked up as she took a break from chewing and said, “ Your not going to let a bunch of dumb bells stop you are you? You didn’t think they were going to make it easy or be happy for you did you?”

I just shook my head. No I was not going to let anyone stop me. I just didn’t think the fear of these subjects would create such extreme reactions from the people I knew. The funny thing is that the friends who I thought would question me the most turned out to be the ones who support me the most. I have a great deal of friends who work in science. I thought they would question me and find my choice to write full time about the paranormal something they would reject. The complete opposite has happened and they have become not only my support group but many have been those who have supplied me with experiences of their own.

The moral of this article is the realization of how deeply brainwashed we have become to dismiss, ignore, reject and attack the very things we should want to know. I do not know what has happened to mankind. I do know they seem to have slammed down the lid on thinking and replaced it with a do as they are told dull wit that has them closed minded, blind and in many cases just plain boring.

I have decided to pick up speed with my writing about the paranormal. I hope you will all increase your desire to learn about things that to date remains unknown. There is more going on here that meets the eye. What has caused this extreme reaction to all things paranormal? Why are so many so angry and dumbed down? Curious minds want to know. Keep that mind open!

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Regan Lee said...

Chris, fantastic article, thanks for posting it! I feel like you and I SO on the same page, lol. Your friend has a lot of good sense, and it's nice to have that support.

And, Happy New Year!