Saturday, November 1, 2014

TIME Magazine Compares Witches To Terrorists

TIME magazine apparently has a nasty article by Jennifer Latson on witches.

TIME Magazine Compares Witches To Terrorists: In a piece entitled, “Why Witches on TV Spell Trouble in Real Life,” TIME writer Jennifer Latson suggests that this revived interest in witchcraft is “mere silliness” at best and a sign of troubled times at worse. In the article, much to the offense of pagans and witches everywhere, Latson quotes history professor, Emerson Baker, in this amazingly offensive passage.

“Witches, like terrorists, threaten to wipe out everything you believe in. If they could, they would overthrow your government, overturn your faith, and destroy your society.” (Inquisitir, Oct 28, 2014)
Very stupid, very sad.

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richelle said...

The Time article is actually pretty tame. The 'silliness' reference is this: "it’s easy to dismiss the modern fantasy of witchcraft as mere silliness. Not so fast, scholars say: When witchcraft makes a comeback, it’s often a sign of trouble in the real world."

And the comparison to terrorists--it's meant in a more archetypal sense. The witch archetype (salem-style) is certainly about an imminent threat to existing power norms.

Overall, the article just speculates about the possible cultural connections behind all the witch shows. I don't really see anything negative at all. Here's the time article: