Monday, May 13, 2013

Anne's Diary | What My Life is Like Now | unknowncountry

As some of you may know, Anne Strieber had an aneurysm and has endured operations and has been writing about the process, her recovery, on her site. Blessings and healing thoughts to Anne and Whitley and their family.
Anne's Diary | What My Life is Like Now | unknowncountry: have finally had the staples taken out of my head. (Staples are the new version of stitches.) So I no longer feel like I’m sleeping on a handful of safety pins. I still can see very little in my left peripheral field of vision, but I have added a new ingredient to the mix: hallucinations. I will be lying in bed, when all of a sudden I will “see” a row of people stand up to attention, as if they are having a meeting in some military context.

Of course, this is not really happening, but it looks to me as if it is, and it’s so convincing that for a moment I buy into it each time. Many of the hallucinations feature small people who seem very real, and leave me wondering just exactly what is going on. Are they the origins of fairy lore? Am I hallucinating, or seeing real things in another world? My guess is that it’s hallucinations. The doctors are familiar with this as a sequel to the surgery I had, and expect that it will fade away in time. In the meantime I can take medication that will make them go away, or at least bother me less.

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