Sunday, April 14, 2013

UFOs - scientific research: Alien abductions - the answer?

Keith Basterfield at UFOs has an interesting item on alien abductions:UFOs - scientific research: Alien abductions - the answer?. I left a comment:
David Jacobs can no longer be taken seriously as a researcher, given his paranoid scenarios concerning email hacking aliens, and his unethical (putting it mildly) and downright creepy treatment of Emma Woods.

As to abductions in general, we still don't know the why or what. Maybe the explanation is a little bit of truth from all who've offered suggestions based on their experiences. I think we're in the way of our understanding -- that much is clear. Some of us have had downright weird, life long UFO related experiences that march right up to 'Alien Abduction 101' and yet (I place myself in that category) can't say for certain that abductions took place, let alone accepting they take place at all. Then again, maybe they do.
Always interesting, and, always frustrating, because no one has any idea at all, after all this time. The post notes the observation that it does seem alien abduction reports seem to be on the decline; we're just not hearing about them as much. The second point is, as I commented at his blog: David Jacobs no longer gets to be included when considering research.
(h/t to The Debris Field for link.)

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