Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturness: I'm not a Zoltar machine!

Good advice and story about reading when you're tired, but also, when the "client" isn't really serious or has clear intent.

Saturness: I'm not a Zoltar machine!: ou shouldn't read when you're almost falling flat on your face, but that is not the reason why I considered that night a cartomantic disaster. Nope. The problem is that none of them had actual questions. They all wanted to know about their love lives, of course, but... there was no intention behind their inquiries. In fact, they would copy the question of the last person, because there was nothing they really wanted to know about.

A long time ago I wrote a post about the importance of intention when doing card readings. When you approach the cards with a vague, mildly unimportant question, the cards don't give your their best. They give you equally vague, and sometimes rather unimportant answers.
And this:
The truth is that I felt a bit exploited. I love to look at card reading under a humorous light and no, I don't believe that the fabric of space and time will unravel if the cards are not respected. But divination is what I do and I put a helluva effort into it. And I just realized that when people come and ask for a reading just because they found no better way to waste their time, they end up sucking the marrow from my very bones - and from my very cards. Why? Because they put no effort in it. They don't care about the answer, they are being entertained.

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