Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stuart Wilde: 'Harry Potter & The Globlet of Filth'

I haven't read any of the books Wilde comments on; neither the Shades of Grey trilogy or Rowlings' The Casual Vacancy. But both offend Wilde:

Harry Potter & The Globlet of Filth | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website: you see the S and M filth you spread to turn a buck, and the degradation of the feminine spirit you promoted, and God she says to you, “What was this disgusting performance of yours for greed, fame and notoriety? Explain yourself.”

One could only truly comment after reading the books for themselves, but it isn't a given that something is a "...degradation of the feminine spirit..." if it's erotica, or "soft porn."  I have no idea if either author does, as Wilde believes, "degrade the feminine spirit" (and what of the male spirit?)  since I haven't read the books mentioned. I am always a bit amused when a male decides what is "degrading" to a female. Let us judge that for ourselves. Even then, that will invite passionate debate. One's enjoyable sexual exploration is another's horror.

Juxtaposed with Wilde's comments is his promo for his own work:
Masculine and Feminine Spirituality by Stuart Wilde
“With verve and confident authority, Stuart Wilde speaks on the innate duality weaving through our spiritual and sexual lives as he guides you into worlds of mysticism. He gives you insights on how to tap into the power of the ancients…”

With "verve" and "confident authority"?? That reeks of patriarchal self-assurance.

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